A fawn confuses a deer hunting lure for its mother and the image is both touching and heartbreaking at the same time ... - WTVideo.com
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A fawn confuses a deer hunting lure…
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A fawn confuses a deer hunting lure for its mother and the image is both touching and heartbreaking at the same time ...


It is a cruel practice, very often with no particular purpose other than to entertain those who practice it. We are talking about deer hunting, a "hobby" that is common in many countries of the world and constantly increasing. 

As often happens when we talk about hunting, even in the case of deer, humans do not lack a good dose of cruelty. These wild mammals, in fact, are considered difficult to hunt, due to their tendentially fearful nature. 

Moreover, their agile and fast physique, allows them to easily escape once the danger has been identified. It is precisely for this reason that hunters are constantly looking for new ways to hunt and catch them. 

The image that we show you, published on the Instagram account of the animal rights organization AnimaNaturalis, is going viral, because it denounces, in a way that is moving and effective, the cruelties to which deer and fawns are subjected to every day.

What you see in the image is not a female deer specimen with its fawn nestled in search of motherly warmth,  but a plastic mannequin, used as a deer lure to attract the unfortunate animals. 

The fawn, on the other hand, unfortunately, is real, but unaware of such cruel man-made tricks and lures, believes to have recognized a "familiar" figure in the fake female deer mannequin, and has huddled close to it, probably believing it to be its mother.

Unfortunately, this is a widespread situation. Consequently, fawns are often orphaned due to deer hunting, and then confused and lost without their mothers to protect them, they end up paying the consequences and must learn quickly to defend themselves.

One cannot remain indifferent to such an image. The cruelty that human beings are capable of for their mere emotional or personal gain is alarming, and it is good to be aware of it, to prevent many, too many innocent creatures from paying the price.


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