Grandchildren inherit most of their genes from their maternal grandmother, says a research study -
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Grandchildren inherit most of their…
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Grandchildren inherit most of their genes from their maternal grandmother, says a research study


A study has revealed that the maternal grandmother plays a very important role not only at the emotional and psychological level but also genetically.

It would seem, in fact, that the DNA of grandchildren, their temperament, their emotions, and their personal tastes, are partially influenced by the genes of the maternal grandmother.

Consequently, sharing these genes with our grandmothers creates an indissoluble bond that is unlikely to weaken over time.

The famous director and writer Alejandro Jodorowsky published a book, a few years ago, entitled "Metagenealogy: Self-Discovery Through Psychomagic and the Family Tree", in which he explains why sometimes genes can skip a generation, passing directly from grandparents to their grandchildren.

When this happens, it seems that among all the family members, the most influential figure in the passage of genetic material is precisely the maternal grandmother.

The research study that reveals this important connection with our grandmothers, however, comes directly from the University of Cambridge. According to this study, the genetic link is due to the fact that maternal grandmothers pass 25% of their X chromosomes on to their grandchildren. 

In other words, our children might not look exactly like their maternal grandmothers, but for sure they will retain some distinctive feature: their smile, eye color, the way they walk or move around and sometimes even genetic problems.


The important difference, at the genetic level, between maternal and paternal grandparents, is that the latter only transfer their X chromosomes to their grand-daughters, while maternal grandmothers transfer theirs to both grandsons and grand-daughters.

This means, simply, that paternal grandparents have 0% of their X chromosomes shared with their grandsons and 50% with their granddaughters.

In any case, it is good to remember that, regardless of genes, in a child's life it is essential to maintain frequent contact with their grandparents, both maternal and paternal.

Only in this way can one improve and strengthen family ties that are essential and necessary for the construction of a stable and happy family.

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