Those who love cheese live longer, a scientific study confirms it -
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Those who love cheese live longer, a…
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Those who love cheese live longer, a scientific study confirms it


The secret to a long and happy life? More cheese. Yes, we are talking about the famous Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheeses, and indeed all the other dairy products, especially the aged ones.

According to research published by the journal Nature Medicine, these derivatives of milk processing have been revealed to be a true elixir of longevity.

Good news, therefore, for lovers of good food, who now have one more reason to eat delicious POD cheese.

via: Nature

According to the study in question, the source of well-being is a substance contained in cheeses that belongs to the polyamine group, a compound that reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and acts as a protective agent. 

The first phase of the study used several laboratory rats as subjects of observation. These lab rats were allowed to eat different types of cheeses, and then their health was monitored over the long term as well as the way this diet influenced their life expectancy.

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The second phase, instead, concerned human beings and used one of the main cheese-consuming countries, namely Italy, as a survey area. The sample of 800 people revealed a significant connection between the consumption of dairy foods and the minor probability of suffering from circulatory or cardiac diseases. 

The incidence of these diseases in some cases was even reduced by 40% compared to individuals who did not usually eat these cheese products. Polyamines act not only as antioxidants and as a natural detox, but also as repairers of damaged tissues, thereby, delaying cellular aging.

This exciting discovery, however, should not be seen as a reason to consume exaggerated quantities of Parmesan or other types of cheese, also because the presence of a good amount of proteins and fats in cheese cannot be overlooked. The study, like other previous ones, has only confirmed that the inclusion of moderate amounts of cheese in one's diet can be good for overall good health.

In fact, the research underlines how the beneficial properties are particularly limited to types of cheese that are not fresh and soft like ricotta or mozzarella, even if these also contain their percentage of polyamines.
In any case, as usual, the key to good health is to consume a bit of everything, without exaggerating, and above all by choosing good quality food!
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