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"A tidy house is a sad house"— the…
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"A tidy house is a sad house"— the thought of a well-known educator about the happiness of today's families

May 19, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Perfection is not only boring but it can also be depressing.

In particular, keeping one's home immaculate, always as if one were to undergo a military inspection from one moment to the next, bears witness to an obsessive state, an addiction that generates sadness.

This issue has been studied and affirmed by Sergio Cortella, educator, psychologist, and writer who underlines how in today's society the rise of the image culture is actually a source of constant insecurity and unhappiness.

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The most emblematic and faithful example of this discourse is the custom, perhaps better to say the mania, the selfies and in general the photos posted on social media.

What is shown and shared is never reality but a well-constructed reworking of it. Every time people publish an image of themselves, of a place or of the classic dish just cooked, that appears to be a natural and spontaneous scene is sometimes the result of long preparation, of numerous attempts, in the search for the impeccable shot.

Even when there seems to be some detail that is not exactly linear, one wonders if it has not been put there on purpose, with the aim of achieving the desired visual effect. Everything is artificial, constructed, the ideal version of how one wants to appear, thus sacrificing the beauty of imperfection, and the authenticity of being.

Another example that makes one smile is when someone is going to do a conference call or a job interview via Skype, from their own home, wearing a jacket and tie.

This continuous searching to make one's real life resemble that which one displays to others is only a mirage that in the long run imprisons and suffocates authenticity, and also puts one's psychophysical well-being at risk.

Unfortunately, this model of behavior is not only followed individually by adults but very often it is also imposed on children, infecting them with their own fixations and thus preparing the next generation to also be perpetually dissatisfied individuals.

image: Pixnio

Everything comes back to the house, the place of intimacy, privacy, a welcoming refuge where you should feel safe, relaxed and above all where you can simply be yourself. Honest and authentic everyday life is also made of chaos, not of aesthetic fiction as if you were always on a photographic set. 

Keeping your home clean and decent is very different from making it look like the cover of an interior design magazine. So it's time to stop hiding behind a lie because in this way real emotions are also hidden or disguised.

We are therefore sure that some objects out of place will not hurt anyone if it means living more serenely and raising healthier and happier children!


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