Men who are unfaithful, are less intelligent than those who are faithful, a research study reveals ... -
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Men who are unfaithful, are less intelligent…
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Men who are unfaithful, are less intelligent than those who are faithful, a research study reveals ...


Are you a man and you tend to be unfaithful? Well, then you may have an IQ that is lower than those who do not. 

This is the conclusion at which a study entitled "Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligenthas arrived that was conducted by Satoshi Kanazawa, a specialist in evolutionary Psychology at the London School of Economics. 

This is bad news and hard times, then, for the serial tombeur de femmes, whose intellectual and mental capacities are hit hard and called into serious question.

To arrive at this conclusion, the study examined a sample of men very different from each other, in regards to education, age, and social condition.

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Analyzing, through questions and tests, both the QI of the men involved and their attitudes regarding certain situations, the researchers observed that the highest levels of intelligence belonged to those who gave more importance to faithfulness and sincerity in couple relationships. 

Kanazawa has connected the loyalty of men to a single woman with evolution, identifying it as a trait that is more advanced than polygamy and other types of social structures that are more backward.

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This theory has given rise to many criticisms, all related to the fact that the study is not able to directly connect monogamy to intelligence.

Nevertheless, the psychologist and his team, are so convinced of their theory, that they make a point of asserting that the men who are most prone to loyalty would also be the ones who are atheists and have a more liberal view of life. 


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