The 5 signs that allow you to unmask an envious person -
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The 5 signs that allow you to unmask…
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The 5 signs that allow you to unmask an envious person


Hands up who in life has not at least once felt envious of someone.

This is one of the seven most common and frequent capital sins because, in the end, everyone sooner or later wants to be in someone else's shoes.

The object of desire may be love, career, physical appearance, talent or simply a character trait. Here are 5 emblematic signs that can reveal this negative and toxic feeling:

  • Lack of filters. With the excuse of being frank and sincere, an envious person says what they think without respect or politeness, with the intention of hurting or making someone feel bad. Honesty is a convenient alibi for being as ruthless and aggressive as possible. 
  • Joy in the failure of others. Envious people enjoy it when someone makes a mistake. The success of others causes them suffering, so seeing someone become less successful becomes a source of satisfaction. 
  • False friendship. Envy often hides behind a mask of hypocrisy. Those who are envious tend to present themselves as kind and friendly but in reality, their true feelings are very different. 
  • Heavy sarcasm. The most common approach of an envious person is to try to belittle others with sharp irony and by making sarcastic "jokes" and ambiguous comments. The purpose is to make others ridicule and laugh at their target. 
  • Constant comparison. Even when they are not in direct competition with someone, envious people constantly feel in competition with those around them. The reason lies in their self-centeredness that always pushes them to make comparisons with others, driven by their need to predominate.

Those who desperately want to be like someone else or possess what they have essentially suffer from a chronic lack of self-esteem.

Others are always seen as threats to their status, but this kind of ambition rather than serving as a stimulus to improve their situation turns into a desire to make another person's situation worse.

Of course, there is, in fact, "healthy" envy, which is the type that inspires people to make their lives more satisfying. In any case, within acceptable limits, a bit of envy is absolutely harmless.

However, the situation is different when the emotion in question becomes constant and uncontrollable, so that one risks becoming "envious" all the time!


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