The greatest love of your life could come after the biggest mistake of your life -
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The greatest love of your life could…
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The greatest love of your life could come after the biggest mistake of your life


A love story that ends is a bit like a failure, in factit is exactly the same thing.

We invest a lot, everything, maybe even too much in a relationship and then we find ourselves with nothing in hand, disappointed and confused.

We question ourselves, ask ourselves a thousand questions in the mirror, without finding any answers.

If you are also living with the weight and pain of a broken heart, read on, these words are dedicated to you.

Whether you believe it or not, everything happens for a reason, so even the suffering you are experiencing right now will have been useful to you.

Now think back to when you fell in love with him, when you thought you had found the man in your life, when you imagined a future together. 

In front of him you have laid bare the most intimate and profound part of yourself, to him you have entrusted the key to your soul, revealing your secrets and all your dreams.

You have invested time and energy, you have sometimes neglected everything else, hoping that you would return the love you gave him.

From the very beginning you felt you were the one who spent the most in this story, but despite this you continued to believe it, because you thought your warmth would help him to melt and let his feelings go.

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Unfortunately, reality turned out to be very different. It was not the prince charming that you had longed for, far from it, he took you for granted, he wasted or ignored everything you gave him, and in the end, he never deserved it.

He never gave you enough time and space, but you were in love, and you only realized it too late. Now you feel lonely, abandoned and lost, but this is not the end, it is only the end of the beginning.

As much as you are in a cold and dark place, there is already a light shining at the end of the tunnel, a warm and reassuring fire waiting for you at the end of the path. The greatest love of your life comes just after what you think was your biggest mistake.

Soon you will find someone who will appreciate you as you deserve and you will understand why it didn't work with anyone else --- simply because you were destined for him. So don't give up right now, everything happens for a reason, and in his arms, you will find that everything finally makes sense.

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