Do you always wake up during the night? Here's what your body is trying to tell you ... -
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Do you always wake up during the night?…
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Do you always wake up during the night? Here's what your body is trying to tell you ...


Sleep disorders are a truly unbearable problem for those who are afflicted.

You wake up in the middle of the night and, even if you would like to - and should - go back to sleep, you do not and cannot fall asleep - no matter how long you lie in bed with your eyes closed. 

Often at the base of these disorderswe find work-related stress; however, the cause may also be quite different. In fact, there are those who claim it can also be spiritual.

In particular, the hour you wake up can help us understand the origin of the problem.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is important to pay attention to the time when one is in the habit of waking up and no longer able to fall asleep, as it can be indicative of an energetic or spiritual decompensation.

In fact, energy meridians flow inside the body, sort of like channels through which vital energies pass, that then reach different points and are connected to an internal clock, which regulates their periodicity. Based on this, we can distinguish the different causes of insomnia, depending on the hour: 

  • Between 9 pm and 11 pm: This is the moment when most people go to sleep; if you have difficulty falling asleep during this time, it is a sign of stress and excessive worries during the day. It is good to relax, perhaps through meditation, positive mantras, and muscle relaxation exercises. 
  • Between 11 pm and 1 am: During these hours the meridian that crosses the gall bladder is more active. This means that you are experiencing an emotional disappointment. The solution is to forgive those who have disappointed you, free yourself from resentment and practice self-respect and acceptance. 
  • Between 1 and 3 am: This time slot is associated with the meridians of the liver and body clock. It indicates a problem of anger, or an excess of yang energy - that which comes from the sky, from the air, and from the sun. It is advisable to drink fresh water and to deal with one's anger.
  • Between 3 am and 5 am: These are special hours, because they correspond to the meridian of the lungs, and could be a sign that a superior spirit is trying to send you messages capable of enlightening you about your purpose in life. To go back to sleep, try deep breathing exercises, and meditate to connect with your spiritual dimension. 
  • Between 5 and 7 am: During these hours, the meridian energy is connected to the large intestine, signaling a probable emotional block. In any case, get up and go to the bathroom, or walk a little before going back to sleep. 

According to traditional Chinese medicine, therefore, we can deduce a lot depending on the time we wake up habitually during the night. There is nothing scientific in this, nor have similar theories ever been confirmed. However many people find a correspondence with their real situation: is it also true for you?

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