The sweet revenge of bald men! Now, according to science, they are strong, sexy, and more intelligent -
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The sweet revenge of bald men! Now,…
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The sweet revenge of bald men! Now, according to science, they are strong, sexy, and more intelligent


In the past, baldness was considered a source of embarrassment and discomfort, and everything was done to hide it.

Over the years, fortunately, fashion and cinema have definitively redeemed "being bald", transforming it from a weak point into a major attraction.

This is confirmed by a survey carried out by researchers at the University of Florida, who polled the opinions of a sample of participants regarding the "completely bald" look.

image: Gage Skidmore

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Baldness is associated with the greatest amount of brain power as if saying that there is no hair because there is too much activity under there to give hair time to grow.

Besides being considered more intelligent, bald men are also considered more informed and fashionable, they know how to carry themselves, what to do and how to do it, and they understand what is happening in the world.

image: GabboT/Flickr

Bald equals macho. In fact, years ago, hair loss was immediately linked to aging, loss of virility, even impotence. With time, the music has definitely changed, so much so that today being bald is synonymous with masculinity, self-confidence, and vigor.

A smooth head is no longer a symptom of physical decay but rather of a greater amount of testosterone, and of a maturity that expresses charisma.


Better to be sexy than to be beautiful. From a strictly aesthetic point of view, thick hair still has its appeal, but this does not mean that a bald man is considered ugly, in fact, it is quite the opposite!

There are different types of beauty, but in general it is either, objective or subjective. Regular somatic traits, symmetrical proportions, and certain body attributes are objectively related to attraction.

If, however, the "cue ball" look is certainly not comparable to a lion's mane, it can still be considered to be a more sensual look that can actually trigger desire.

image: Unsplash

The identikit of a real man. Social canons change and adapt, so we learn to connect particular visual symbols with moral, mental, and physical qualities.

This is precisely the case of baldness, which has become the emblem of power and passion. Now being bald means to acquire sensual attractiveness, but one must remember one very important detail. In this case, being bald must be complete, half measures are not a good idea.

So if you start to lose your hair, it is useless to try to keep a few patches of hair growing, it is best to free yourself --- and just cut it all off completely!

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