People who are moved while watching movies are stronger emotionally -
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People who are moved while watching…
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People who are moved while watching movies are stronger emotionally


You are watching a film and then, in response to the most emotional scenes, you just cannot hold back your tears!

And next, you start practically sobbing, so much so that once you finish watching the movie and turn on the lights, while you are drying your eyes, perhaps you look around -- if you are in the company of others -- to make sure you are not the only one crying even more than the protagonists in the film!

If you recognize yourself in this description, perhaps you have sometimes even been the object of ridicule of friends who are more emotionally detached than you and who have accused you of weakness.

Well, the next time you can tell them that, on the contrary, crying during movies is a sign of strength and emotional profundity.

image: pixabay

People who cry while watching television are actually highly empathetic, and by virtue of this, more able to relate to others. In fact, this capacity, allows them to perceive the feelings of others in a profound way as if they were their own - even if the others in question are actors in a film.

In fact, they are able to identify with a story, to experience it as if it were real, and to be moved, even in front of a cold digital screen. In short, they are more generous and sociable people, therefore emotionally stronger.

In a society that all too often manipulates emotions, and encourages people to hide them behind a mask of impassivity and cynicism, crying is experienced as a private moment and as something to be ashamed of when it is manifested in public.

However, crying is one of the ways in which our body expresses joy, sadness, and pain; when it gives free rein to the soul. Empathy, then, is an essential part of emotional intelligence, a gift that is one of the characteristics of great leaders and successful people.

Therefore, during the next movie do not be afraid to let yourself be overwhelmed by your emotions and to shed a few tears. :)


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