Being faithful is a symptom of intelligence because unfaithful people are less "evolved" ... -
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Being faithful is a symptom of intelligence…
One of the most famous psychologists in the world reveals 22 rules to improve the quality of your life All the characteristics of Taurus --- which is the most tenacious sign of the zodiac!

Being faithful is a symptom of intelligence because unfaithful people are less "evolved" ...


Love is like candy, according to the Colombian neuroscientist Rodolfo Llinás, not because it is sweet: rather because those who are in love want more and more love from the person they love.

In fact, although born in the emotional area of the brain, where there are only reactions and stereotypical movements, love stimulates different physiological functions. It is not hunger that is physical or sexual, but rather a desire that never ceases to be satisfied. 

That's why according to Llinàs not only does eternal love exists, but it is also faithful and it is a fundamental characteristic typical of the most intelligent people.

Llinàs states that intelligent people "structure and model fixed action patterns, based on the concept that they see the other as their own hand, taking care of it is their responsibility and vice versa. Knowing that they will not get a stab in the back is the norm."

In this sense, moreover, fidelity appears as a rational method, in that it avoids a useless - because it is not constructive - waste of energy, emotional or intellectual; energies that intelligent people use to invest in managing more complex and important issues from a community perspective.

In this regard, there is an interesting study conducted by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, a specialist in developmental psychology, which concludes that men with higher intellectual coefficients attribute greater value to fidelity within the couple. Instead for women, irrespective of their level of intelligence, being faithful is always important.

On the other hand, Satoshi demonstrates how fidelity which is a product of the evolution of human beings, was originally instinctively oriented toward polygamy as for most mammals, gradually developed exclusive love relationships, characterized by a prevalence of reason over instinct. 

In general, it seems quite clear that those who are unfaithful must have plenty of free time and an emotional predisposition to induce conflict because those who are involved in more important matters, do not waste their time and energy creating elaborate lies and subterfuges to hide their "love trysts". It is much smarter, instead, to create a stable love relationship, which deepens more and more over time, and represents an added value, in terms of growth for both the individual and for the couple as a whole. 

However, this is too difficult, perhaps, to be understood by those who are unfaithful.  ;)


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