Friendship among women is better than an antidepressant medication ... words from the experts -
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Friendship among women is better than…
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Friendship among women is better than an antidepressant medication ... words from the experts


Friendship is an inestimable treasure: it is the hand stretched out in times of need, the carefree chatter in moments of leisure, and the companionship that never fails even when it is miles away. 

If authentic friendships, in general, are precious, even more so are those between women.

It is science itself that dispels the myth of competition among women and reveals the physical reasons why good female friends work better than an antidepressant.

image: pixabay

If what makes two people friends, continues to remain a secret that has its roots in their hearts, science has no doubt that friendship between women has a much more intense and positive impact than that between men. 

Women who are friends already know that their bond is special, magical, especially if they can communicate with only a few words or even in silence; if they are indispensable to one another in moments of great change, or when one is confused and does not know which path to take; if in the most difficult moments they can make each other laugh heartily. But some research has revealed why friendship between women can effectively reduce anxiety and stress, reducing the risks of depression.

image: pixabay

In moments of anxiety and stress, in fact, an unpleasant mix of neurotransmitters pours into the blood, especially cortisol and adrenaline, which increase blood pressure and glucose levels. These can, however, be counterbalanced by oxytocin, the hormone which provides calmness and a feeling of security, and that is, above all, present in larger quantities in women

In fact, it is the high level of oxytocin in the female brain that explains the greater need of women to build relationships based on empathy and appreciation. Therefore, when life becomes more complicated and stressful, women seek friendship with other women to achieve that complicity that allows them to eliminate anguish and fear so that they can manage their problems.

Contrarily, men produce less oxytocin and as a result, they not only react to stress and problems with a strong desire to escape or fight, but they also make greater use of emotional containment - that is, they do not speak easily about their inner nature. 

In addition to this scientific explanation, however, we must add the specificity of some female problems that can only be understood by other women - such as the defense of women's rights or violence against women - that help to create that strong sense of female solidarity.


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