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Women who remain single for a long time…
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Women who remain single for a long time end up being happier in the long run


Have you ever talked to your single friend and envied the subtle sense of freedom and calm joy that emanates from her expression?

Maybe for a moment, you have also fantasized about abandoning your partner to enjoy the same single lifestyle; perhaps, it would not have been such a bad idea.

In any case, it seems that women who have remained single for long periods of time are able to be happier in the long run. The reasons and as well as the advantages of choosing to live alone are many.

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To remain alone can be the consequence of the end - desired or not - of a relationship, or an informed choice moved by the rejection of life as a couple, or even taking a break from the whirlwind of dating; however, we often end up appreciating this status, and our new, stronger selves

In fact, in these cases, single women appear comforted by not having to share their intimacy with someone else. Moreover, the fact of feeling at ease in their solitude means that they do not wish to fill it with someone else's presence in order to drive it away; rather they try to enrich their solitude with the substance of themselves and the world that surrounds them. 

For example, going to the cinema or eating at a restaurant alone are activities that are pleasant, desired, and experienced as going on a date with oneself. 

In this way, they end up knowing themselves better, understanding more clearly what they love, and what does not work for them, and at the same time learning to pursue the former and reject the latter. This awareness and ability to pursue their goals, without hesitation or compromise, make them feel free and happier.

image: pixabay

If it is true that this means renouncing the physical and emotional rewards of a romantic relationship, on the other hand, romantic love is not the only kind of love that exists, and one can give and receive love in many other forms. Among other things, no one says that this condition of chosen solitude is forever. In fact, it can be rather a long pause from relationships, which allows you to succeed in professional and personal endeavors and pursue your dreams, before making a commitment to someone. 

Moreover, in this way, a woman will be stronger and will know better what kind of person she wants to have beside her. Above all, not just someone to fill the void of one's existence, but a companion with whom to share the person that she has discovered to be, who is proud and happy with her successes and who can be close to her in difficult moments. 

Because the reality is that abandoning one's values, hopes, and needs to make room for those of another person just not to be alone does not make anyone happy, nor create relationships based on a true, and deep love. 

This is a truth that single women know, and that helps them to have and maintain that serene and satisfied expression that inspires so much.

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