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A 7-month-old baby boy dies after putting…
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A 7-month-old baby boy dies after putting his mother's cell phone charger in his mouth


We cannot even imagine what a person feels when they lose a son or a daughter, be they an adult or small a child.

For a parent, it is certainly a very hard blow, and if the misfortune has been unfortunately caused by distraction or inattention, then the wound will be very difficult if not impossible to heal. 

This is the same deep wound that little Hector Lucca's parents, residents of Teresina in Brazil, undoubtedly suffered when their little son was killed due to a bad habit that almost everyone does inside their house.

image: libreshot.com

A 7-month-old child has no other priority than to explore everything around them. And as you know, it is mainly done by putting objects in their mouth.

It was precisely this that killed little Hector. When he found the end of his parents' smartphone charger, he could not help but put it in his mouth and chew it. But, unfortunately, the other end was still connected to an electrical outlet. 

Hector's mother was in the next room and when she heard a strange noise, she ran to see. When she saw that her little baby was unconscious, she called her neighbors and they all rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing more that could be done for little Hector.

Unfortunately, it is very common to leave the smartphone charger attached to the electric socket even when the smartphone is not charging.

This not only affects the electricity bill (even if in small quantities, the current continues to flow), but it exposes the inhabitants of the house (children or animals) to a serious risk. A risk that increases dramatically if you do not use the original smartphone chargers. 

Those who have never experienced it will never understand the pain that the parents of this child now have in their hearts. Therefore, it is good to recount and share little Hector's story so that incidents like this never happen again.

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