These are the six (6) parts of the body where stress accumulates the most and here are some tips to eliminate it! -
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These are the six (6) parts of the body…
Having a husband requires seven (7) hours of extra housework per week --- a study says so! The more time passes, the fewer friends you have and there is nothing wrong with this, here's why!

These are the six (6) parts of the body where stress accumulates the most and here are some tips to eliminate it!


Physical pain is an aspect of life that we all experience, sooner or later.

Physical pains are often caused by bad habits, such as unbalanced diet, incorrect posture, and not getting enough hours of sleep. Among the bad habits that can cause physical discomfort, many doctors also include psychological ones.

Such as the notoriously famous stress, that we all now experience daily, which can accumulate in specific areas of our body, making the muscles tight and manifesting in cramps or tension.

Here below we have collected some of the most common symptoms of stress ... hoping that they will help you solve small daily problems and allow you to take less medication.

P.S: This article refers to mild pains that can reveal the presence of stress. However, for chronic or very strong pain, you should always contact a doctor!

  • 1. The head: Painful headaches can result from an excess of stress resulting from anxiety. If you happen to suffer from headaches, try to think calmly and rationally about the things that worry you every day. Constantly focusing negatively on difficulties and commitments can create a great load of tension that manifests itself as persistent pain. Take some time for yourself and unplug from all your problems ... it's normal to have them! 
  • 2. The neck: Many people trace their neck pain to unrecognized resentment towards oneself or others. Sometimes it is hard to forgive, and often we get hurt or disappointed, but fostering feelings of anger and resentment only makes things worse. Focus on the positive aspects of your life and your goals ... indifference is the best weapon! 
  • 3. The shoulders: The weight of a difficult situation tends to concentrate on the shoulders, usually as a result of a choice we did not want to make. Try in this case to share the burden, by confiding in someone and discussing your indecision.
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  • 4. Lumbar zone: Stress that is concentrated here is often the result of family issues, especially financial ones; money problems, unsuccessful financial transactions, pay that is late in arriving ... these problems can bring tension to the lower back. Try to focus on one fundamental fact --- worrying about money will not help you earn more; indeed, stress often leads to making even more mistakes! 
  • 5. Calves: Stress in a relationship is mainly concentrated in this area, especially stress deriving from possessiveness and jealousy. In this case, the topic is very complex, but try to focus on what brought you to be together at the beginning. Focus on the positive aspects of the relationship and keep in mind that you cannot change yourself or the other person. Obviously, if you really cannot take it anymore, always consider the possibility of ending such a stressful relationship. 
  • 6. Feet: Discontent for our life tends to focus on our feet because they represent movement and progress. In this case, it will be good to get excited about something and do new things to get rid of apathy and get out of the stalemate situation in which one finds oneself.

Obviously, you do not have to take this information to the letter, as it comes mainly from empirical observations; but we think that reflecting on one's life never hurts, and maybe it could really help us to reduce the amount of stress that weighs down our mind ... and body.

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