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Having a husband requires seven (7)…
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Having a husband requires seven (7) hours of extra housework per week --- a study says so!


Compared to marriages of the past, in modern couplesthere is a more equitable division of housework between men and women.

It is not at all rare that a woman today has a job that keeps her away from home for more than a few hours a day, and thus arises the need to share the housework with her partner. 

However, a study conducted by the University of Michigan shows that we are still far from a proportionate distribution. In fact, on the basis of the data collected, a man gives his wife or partner seven hours of extra work per week!

For women having a husband creates seven extra hours of housework per week.

This is a very common situation in married couples: "With marriage, there is a significant redistribution of domestic work hours between men and women - in general, men tend to work more outside the home, while women do most of the housework, of course, there are cases that are an exception, but it is a frequent condition after marriage. The situation worsens with the presence of children", said economist Frank Stafford who led the study.

The study focused, among other things, on the amount of housework done by single women and those married without children. On average, the former dedicate a total of ten hours to housework per week, while the latter dedicated on average 17 hours a week. The difference? The mere presence of a husband, which causes women to have seven more hours of housework per week.

The hope of a more equitable division of domestic tasks lies in the future. And the study has also investigated the tendency of new generations to dedicate themselves to housework. It seems that today's teenagers are on track, with a current average of 28.4 minutes per week for both girls and boys!

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