According to research, those who prefer black coffee tend to be more aggressive and "bad" people -
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According to research, those who prefer…
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According to research, those who prefer black coffee tend to be more aggressive and "bad" people


When it comes to drinking coffee, the world is divided into two parts --- those that put sugar in it and those that prefer it black.

Usuallythis aspect is related to personal habit. In fact, those who drink black coffee admit that at the beginning it was difficult, but then over time, they learned to savor the taste without experiencing any contraindication. 

Yet, say researchers at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, there is a subtle common denominator that brings together people who belong to one or the other category. And it has nothing to do with habit!

The research took into consideration about 1,000 participants, men and women over the age of 35, analyzing their preferences in terms of flavors and their inclination to aggression.

The results, which also took into account dark chocolate, tonic water or radishes, revealed a curious connection: those who preferred a sharp taste tended to be more aggressive, sadistic or narcissistic. Those who instead preferred sweet or tending to sweet flavors were kinder and more accommodating people

Whoever loves black coffee has a greater predisposition to accept and seek out more "difficult" and uncomfortable situations, because, in fact, the researchers claim, that strong taste of black coffee can be considered as a small "shock" for the tongue. Whoever, on the contrary, tends to avoid that type of sensorial trauma, then has the same attitude in life and avoids confrontation with others.

Nevertheless, avoid making hasty conclusions!


As is the case with all the studies that link daily habits to categories of personality, one should not take the results literally. Even if researchers have found this connection, it does not mean that all those who take their coffee black are necessarily grumpy and not very sociable people.

That said, have you ever noticed or hypothesized about this connection?


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