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Women who get angry more easily generally…
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Women who get angry more easily generally have more intelligence and memory


Many men believe that one of the greatest dangers to run away from as fast as you can is an angry woman - and in some caseswe cannot blame them. 

Yet, as taught by the story of Santippe, Socrates' quarrelsome wife, there is much to learn from a woman who is in a bad mood and who gets "hot under the collar" easily. 

A study by the University of New South Wales reveals that women with a greater tendency to get angry often display more intelligence and a marked inclination and ability to argue. 

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The subject of the investigation was the influence that the typical bad moods that characterize some females can have on other aspects of their life and personality. The researchers then exposed a varied sample of women to negative and positive stimuli, first using various films for the purpose, then placing them in multiple contexts in which they were invited to express themselves, give answers, and resolve situations. 

Through these steps, the researchers concluded that those who got angry more easily and were generally in a bad mood were able to better pass the tests, provide the correct answers and identify the most effective solutions - and not only. In fact, these women also showed that they have a better memory and a more refined ability to argue. 

According to Joseph Forgas - the professor who led the study - the reason is the following: A bad mood sharpens one's attention and arouses more concrete and in-depth thoughts, encouraging the processing of information during moments of tension and difficulty.

On the contrary, the more positive and pleasant women, despite their optimism and willingness to help find it harder to overcome an obstacle, to memorize data, and to elaborate solutions.

So even if the results of this study make it possible to reevaluate the prevalent bad moods of some women, these results should not be taken as a justification for not trying to improve one's mood or conduct. It is important to remember that anger feeds and sustains destructive behavior which in the long run - certainly does not make anyone lovable in the eyes of others.


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