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People who blush easily are more trustworthy…
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People who blush easily are more trustworthy and generous!


Shy people, usually, live this personal characteristic of being extremely reserved as a burden that makes them feel embarrassed in every situation and of which, if they could, they would free themselves willingly.

Being shy and embarrassed, in fact, ends up overwhelming them entirely, preventing them from expressing all the other multiple aspects of their personality.

However, seen from the outside, shyness is not so terrifying; on the contrary, it may even appear to be quite charming.

Moreover, from today, let it be known that the personal characteristic of being shy, in fact, indicates elements of greater trustworthiness and generosity --- and this has been confirmed by social science.

image: pixabay

Some researchers conducted a study of 60 students identifying a relationship between shyness and the way people relate to others. Specifically, the students were invited to record a video in which they talked about particularly embarrassing situations in their life. Next, the videos were classified according to the level of embarrassment of the subject of the video, and shown to all students, to test their reactions. 

The first conclusion was that all those who appeared more intimidated in the video - for example, blushing or covering their faces with their hands - were considered more trustworthy aroused positive reactions. 

Afterward, the students were given ten lottery tickets and told they could share as many as they wanted with one partner. It turned out that those who had been classified as the shyest in the first phase had a greater propensity to share their lottery tickets, thus demonstrating that - in addition to being more reliable - they were also more generous. 

In conclusion, social scientists believe that embarrassment and shyness are virtues, which facilitate relations with others. In fact, these people are perceived as worthy of greater confidence, and being also more altruistic, they will prove to be better friends or partners.

image: pxhere

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