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Women who take more time to get married…
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Women who take more time to get married are also the smartest --- science says so!


There is a rather popular as well as a traditional custom to paint marriage as a trap for men!

And there is an even less amusing one that describes women over the age of 30 who are still unmarried as sour and quarrelsome spinsters. 

However, clichés like these often have their roots in prejudices that have little to do with scientific reality - which instead tells us a whole new story.

Namely, that single women over 30 are smarter than average; but the same situation cannot be said of men ...

Finally, the results of a study carried out for a period of 40 years by several British universities on 900 people aged 21 and up have been published. The purpose of the research was to discover the relationship between academic and professional qualifications on the one hand and the sentimental sphere on the other. 

So what emerged was easy to suspect - but that officially has been denied namely that, women with better academic qualifications and better jobs remain single longer than others. 

The reasons why this category of women gets married later are varied. First of all, they are people who are more selective in choosing the right partner to spend the rest of their life with. In addition, they love their independence, which is often more hard-won, when compared with their male counterparts. Finally, they invest more time in their professional preparation which overshadows their love life.

However, it cannot be excluded that for career women it is also more difficult to find a partner who does not feel afraid of their success, and who is willing to follow them, sometimes even to the detriment of their partner's own professional ascent - a choice that many, too many women have been forced to make for centuries.

Also interesting are the conclusions of the same study about men. In fact, for them, the same correlation was not observed - on the contrary! In fact, men with a good academic and professional career tend to get married first, because they are considered to be "eligible bachelors" who marry, above all, women who display maternal qualities.

image: Vic/Flickr

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