Cholesterol deposits --- What causes them to form and how to eliminate them in a natural way -
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Cholesterol deposits --- What causes…
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Cholesterol deposits --- What causes them to form and how to eliminate them in a natural way


Cholesterol deposits are, as the name suggests, caused by a high level of cholesterol in the bloodstream. In medicine, they are called xanthelasma and appear as more or less protuberant spots around the eyes, especially on the eyelids.

In reality, they can also be caused by other metabolic disorders that raise the level of lipids in the blood. In any case, in their presence, it is good to get a blood test to obtain a clearer picture of your condition. 

Although cholesterol deposits do not lead to further complications, they are a physical imperfection that many people would like to eliminate. Surgical removal is the most immediate option to get rid of cholesterol deposits, but it is not always possible to do this --- especially when the deposits are too close to the eyes --- it is dangerous to try to remove them surgically. Fortunately, there are other natural methods that can help eliminate cholesterol deposits. 

N.B.: Obviously, in the presence of cholesterol deposits, it is necessary first of all to restore the correct levels of cholesterol in your blood, with the help of a doctor. In this article, we purpose natural methods to be combined with the therapies prescribed by a doctor.

 Natural remedies to remove cholesterol deposits

Castor oil: The acids present in castor oil reduce the size of cholesterol deposits. Soak a cotton ball in caster oil - preferably cold-pressed, then pat on the affected skin and leave overnight. Rinse with hot water the following morning. 

Onions: Grind a piece of onion, add a pinch of salt and let it rest for a few hours. Massage the area with a cotton ball soaked in the onion juice obtained and leave for one night. Rinse the next morning. 

Banana peel: Set aside the peel of a ripe banana, cut off some small pieces and place one near the eye with the cholesterol deposit and hold firmly in place with a bandage. Leave the bandage on overnight and then rinse the following morning.

Obviously, if you want to get rid of cholesterol deposits you will have to reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood, by correcting your diet --- perhaps with a professional who knows how to determine the most suitable diet for you. 

To keep your cholesterol level under control, it is very important to perform regular physical activity - it takes only thirty minutes of fast walking a day! Stop smoking, lose weight if necessary, prefer foods high in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and limit the consumption of red meat and cheese.

In case the deposits are caused by other diseases, such as diabetes, it is necessary to lower blood sugar levels with the help of a diabetologist.

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