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24 images of good deeds that remind…
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24 images of good deeds that remind us that there is still hope for our world!

October 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is always nice to do or receive a good deed from someone. These spontaneous gestures are able to revive a day that started out badly, have beneficial effects on mental health, on the personal satisfaction you feel, and on the happiness of another person or living entity.

Even if it may seem that we live more and more in a cynical, cold, and detached worldfortunatelythere are still people able to warm our hearts with their wonderful gestures.

We have collected 24 images of people who can confirm the fact that there is still a lot of good in this world.

1. The principal told these students that they had nice pants, so they went to the mall and got a pair for him, too!

2. Despite the license plate, this is really a nice gesture!


3. This soldier found four little rabbits next to their dead mother. He took care of them by feeding them four times a day for two months!

4. A beautician refused to do this disabled girl's nails because she was moving too much, so a cashier fixed her nails during her break.

5. This elderly lady goes to the supermarket every day to read books, so the manager set up a reading bench were she could sit down.


6. This café in Greece, during the cold winter nights, opens its doors to stray dogs so that they do not freeze ...

7. A beautiful scene on the New York subway


8. A sergeant is reunited with the little girl that he saved 10 years earlier from Hurricane Katrina.

9. Free flowers on Valentine's Day!


10. A father told his little daughter that he had very little money that week, so she tried to help him! 💕

11. People lined up to adopt animals after the animal refuge center was flooded!

12. This 92-year-old man prepares a birthday card for his wife.

13. Children in Canada have donated and attached jackets to street poles to help the homeless.

14. This boy helps his younger brother to cross a flooded street to go to school.

15. This street artist spent a lot of his time playing the violin to calm a crying baby

16. This woman discovered her friend was a drug addict on the street. She convinced him to go to rehab and she continued to help him --- and these are the results!

17. The kindness of this person has no limits, he missed his train to help an elderly lady with her shopping bags.

18. While the nurses took care of the mother, this policeman took care of her little baby girl.

19. William Boyajian is a talented and fairly famous artist who in his free time plays in the streets to help people who need a little assistance!

20. The Japanese national soccer team's spotlessly clean locker room with a thank you note in Russian, after their elimination at the 2018 World Championships in Russia!

21. A baseball fan covers a soldier with his umbrella during the game on Memorial Day in the USA.

22. This man spent his first month's salary taking 15 children to lunch at McDonald's!

23. Special swings specially designed for wheelchair users

24. This boy saved a drowning kitten with his umbrella

Which of these actions has touched you and moved you the most? Have you ever witnessed any manifestations of altruism like the ones in these images?

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