The cashier offends an elderly woman because she does not use ecological bags: she silences it brilliantly -
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 The cashier offends an elderly woman…
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 The cashier offends an elderly woman because she does not use ecological bags: she silences it brilliantly

August 20, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We have always been taught to respect the elderly, both because they are older and because experience leads them to be inevitably wiser.

However, a cashier in a supermarket thought it would be better to pick up an elderly lady who, to fix the shopping, had pulled out a lot of plastic bags.

The woman at the cash desk, then, told her - with a pedantic look - to start taking the green bags, to respect the environment.

The old woman, calmly, gave her an answer that deserves only applause

When the cashier told her 'Heylady,when we start using greener bags?', The old woman answered without hesitation: 'In my day there were not these green things'.
The cashier was not there to be silent after the answer, and continued: 'In fact, today's problem is that people of his generation do not care enough about saving the planet for future generations.'

The old lady, at this point, has made room to get right in front of the cashier, to say:

'In my time they gave back the bottles of milk, drinksandbeer. , which washes them, sterilized them and refilled them again, in order to use the same bottles.Theywere really recycled, even if we did not have green things at the time.

In the vegetables the vegetables were put in the brown paper bags that we used to do a thousand different ways, as well as being used as household rubbish bags, we also used them as school book covers, so we could customize the books we studied, without damaging them with scribbles. In my time,

In any building we used stairs because we did not have an elevator, we walked everywhere and did not take 300-horsepower for a few meters, but you're absolutely right My era was not green.

In my time, baby diapers were washed because disposable things did not exist. We dried the laundry in the sun, not in an energy-consuming machine. The children wore the clothes of the sisters and older brothers, almost never had brand new clothes.

We only had a television and a radio at home, not a TV in every room; and the televisions had a very small screen, not as big as a whole nation. When we had to send something fragile, we wrapped it with lots of sheets of newspaper, not with soft plastic. All the work was done manually and we did not need to go to the gym to train the body. But how to blame her, we were not green!

We drank from the fountain when we were thirsty and did not use a plastic cup with each drink. We filled the cartridgesofthe finished pens and changed the razor blades instead of changing razors. People moved by tram or bus to go to work and the children went to school on foot and not in the mother's SUV. We had an electrical outlet in every room, not a dozen like today.

Is not it sad that today's generation is complaining to us just because we have not been used to green things? '

The cashier was speechless.Theold lady, having said that, took her bags and isexitfrom the store

We hope that this episode has been teaching not only to thecashier,but also to all the other people present and to all those who will read this story.

You should always think twice before speaking!

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