The link between cousins ​​is a very important relationship and here are three reasons to cultivate it at all ages -
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The link between cousins ​​is a…
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The link between cousins ​​is a very important relationship and here are three reasons to cultivate it at all ages

August 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When a new little brother or a new sister arrives in the family, the balance changes and we must learn to live in two, where before we were alone. Putting aside initial disagreements, the relationship with a sibling will prove essential for laying the foundations for socialization and developing listening skills. 

There is, however, another family relationship that is often underestimated in favor of brother and sisterhood, and we are talking about the relationship between cousins. 

This kind of relationship, because of its difference from the affection between siblings and that between friends, is of paramount importance. We offer three reasons why you should have your children play with their cousins starting from a very early age.

 1. They are your children's first friends.

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As we said, cousins are a less familiar presence than brothers or sisters and, if you let cousins meet when they are children, they will be each other's first "friends". By the word "friends" we mean to say someone around their own age but who does not live with them and therefore has a different education and life experience.

 2. They are friends but they will also always be "family".

Friends, yet they remain part of the family. The friendship between cousins can unite families that, nowadays, are increasingly locked up in small groups and no longer know how to live in an enlarged dimension. In other words, where you could lose the bond with your own brothers or sisters, but it will be your children, as cousins, that will keep the family members close!


 3. A relationship that lasts a lifetime.

image: Pixabay

Since there is a family bond, it is difficult for a cousin to completely disappear from our lives. Just as it is important to know and make friends with cousins in childhood, it is also very educational to continue to see them during a mutual period of growth. They are people who have "seen themselves grow", but without the sometimes suffocating closeness, one has among siblings. A role that allows for a very special point of view ... and one that is irreplaceable! 

In conclusion, remember that family ties are important, and it is never too late to recover them. So pick up the phone and organize a nice dinner with your cousins ... the movie you wanted to watch on TV can wait!


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