Growing up with a sister makes you become a better person ... and research confirms this! -
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Growing up with a sister makes you become…
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Growing up with a sister makes you become a better person ... and research confirms this!


If you are an only child, you've probably heard all the tales saying that you are spoiled, self-centered, and not very accustomed to confronting yourself with others.

These tales are definitely just hateful generalizations but in them, there may be a kernel of scientific truth. Investigating the opposite situation, in fact, it has been discovered that growing up in a large family, and, in particular, having a sister, helps to become a better person.

The study was conducted on 396 families by the Brigham Young University and here's what they discovered.

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1. Self-esteem - Having a sister helps your self-esteem. It seems that the difference in age does not affect the result. Having a sibling, such as a sister, who loves you and who supports you insures that you will not grow up feeling lonely and insecure about your abilities.
2. Kindness - A feminine presence in your life helps you develop the more gentle and kind aspects of our character and to learn the importance of treating everyone with the respect that is due. 
3. Self Control - Dr. Laura Padilla-Walker, who led the study, says that growing up with a sister or a brother does actually help to develop self-control. When two siblings fight, they must learn to control themselves and to make peace so that they are not constantly fighting while living in the same house. 
4. Mediate - Similar to the point above, but slightly different. Not only does having a sister help to practice self-control during an argument, but also to avoid most arguments so that you will not create needless unpleasantness. It emerged that those who grew up in a large family, as an adult, can better handle relationship issues as a couple.

image: pixabay

As if that wasn't enough, another study, this time at the University of Ulster, in Ireland, has highlighted other positive aspects of growing up in a large family. Apparently, having a brother or sister of the opposite gender, not only makes us grow up less stressed (as basically supported by the previous research findings) but also to develop our communication skills when interacting with the other half of the human race. 

In short, men who grew up with a sister will know how to comport themselves better with women and, conversely, women who grew up with a brother will understand men better than those who grew up as an only child. 

Consequently, this means that all that squabbling between siblings definitely serves for something, after all!

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