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Are you stressed? Discover an ancient…
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Are you stressed? Discover an ancient Japanese method to relax in 5 minutes!


Modern life can be very stressful. Both at work and in private life, there are many situations that inundate us with negative energy and can make us feel like we are going crazy!

Fortunately, there is an ancient traditional Japanese method that comes to our aid, that is designed to calm an individual by exploiting his/her capacity for concentration.

All you need are your own two hands and five minutes of time.

image: pixabay

First of all assign a feeling to each finger: 

  • The thumb is linked with anxiety 
  • The index is linked with fear 
  • The middle is linked with anger 
  • The ring finger is linked with sadness and loneliness 
  • The little finger is linked with the lack of self-esteem 

Learn this information by heart and visualize each emotion on the finger to which it belongs. Whenever you feel that particular emotion getting the better of you, squeeze the finger that represents it with the other hand and continue to apply pressure a couple of minutes. If you feel the blood pulsing in your thumb or finger,  that is good, just close your eyes and focus on that feeling. If more than one emotion hits you at the same time or if you are confused about what you feel, repeat the process on your thumb and all your fingers. 

It is an ancient meditation technique that will help you calm down because all your thoughts will be focused on that feeling that will be connected to a physical sensation that you are keeping under control.

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