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10 fantastic ideas to upcycle an old…
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10 fantastic ideas to upcycle an old baby crib in a super-creative way

June 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Children grow up fast and their beautiful cribs are likely to be an expensive purchase that disappears all too soon from your home. But is it really necessary to get rid of them? Absolutely not!

Here, we present 10 ideas to upcycle your baby's crib. You just need a little patience and manual ability for this do-it-yourself project.

You will see that the structure of a crib already lends itself to uses that you have never even suspected!

Here are ten ways to upcycle a normal cradle!

1. A well-organized play corner

You can turn the structure of your cradle upside down to turn it into a well-organized play corner, specially made for your child!


2. Back of the bed

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You can use the cradle fence as a headboard for a double bed

3. Mini desk

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If your child has started to draw and write, then transform his/her crib into a mini desk, perfect for their size and height!

4. Open storage shelves

Or you can upcycle and transform a baby crib into open storage shelves by adding an extra shelf, maybe in glass.


5. Garden table

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With a minimum of effort, a baby crib can be turned into a garden potting work table.

6. Garden or patio bench

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Or it can be used as a lovely garden or patio bench.


7. Towel rack

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8. Storage rack

Some baby cribs, especially those with stronger bars, are perfect as storage racks.


9. DIY Inspiration board

The crib bed springs can become an inspiration or photo board to hang over your desk.

10. ... another cradle!

Finally, by changing the crib-bed mattress and playing with the spaces, you can turn your baby crib into a bed when your child is a bit older. The parents above have even built a bunk bed!

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