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 20 photos so curious that you will…
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 20 photos so curious that you will find it hard to believe they are authentic

June 24, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In general, the world is quite predictable. This is the reason why we are able to know it and behave efficiently while responding to the various situations in our lives. Then there are exceptions.

Whether they are anomalies of nature or human actions that are deliberately outside the box, there are moments when the only possible reaction is "but why ...?".

We have collected 20 bizarre photos that will make you wonder who did it and above all why!?

1. A banana that wants to mature before the others

2. A car entirely covered and decorated with small model cars


3. A smoke detector that malfunctioned and caught on fire!

4. A water current directing drain on a steep slope in Taiwan

5. The masterpiece of the greatest architect in the world


6. This wall cries honey from a beehive in the interspace in the wall

7. A caterpillar with the head of a snake


8. A beehive built on wind chimes

9. The photo is perfectly in focus, it is the meat that seems fuzzy


10. A tree with a ring

image: Unknown

11. A comfortable triangular elevator

12. A blade of grass grown through an aloe vera plant leaf

13. Muffin with a mouse's muzzle

14. A leaf with psychedelic colors

15. A loaf of packaged white bread cut backward

16. A tree that duplicates itself perfectly through its shadow

17. The correct way to wash a computer

18. The ivy hanging on the building is peeling off ... with a gruesome effect!

19. Play bowling on your tablet while you are at the bowling alley

20. A ghostly mushroom

 21. In conclusion --- a bathroom in an elevator!

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