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Her 2-year-old son keeps the pace while…
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Her 2-year-old son keeps the pace while she sings and he proves to possess a formidable talent


Lennox Howard Noble, remember this name because you will definitely hear it again! He is only two years old and he lives in Ohio but already has a million online fans.

All thanks to his crazy sense of rhythm which is truly extraordinary for a child of his age.

The parents were crazy with emotion when they discovered their son's surprising ability and talent for playing the drums and percussions in general, but we cannot say that they did not expect it.

image: Instagram

In fact, Lennox is a child of art on both sides! His father, Herman Noble, is a rapper and his mother, Shintara Nicole, sings in the band "Speak Life". Shintara claims that everyone, seeing how Lennox tapped and played rhythmically on anything that had a surface, foresaw a career in music for him.

"When he was only a year and a half old and came with me to work (at a beauty salon), he stole all the tools that he found and began to play them on the TV cabinet, and whoever passed by and heard him said, "That boy will become a drummer!"

image: Instagram

After the video had been posted, it soon went viral, and as can be seen in the photo, Lennox received a customized drum set, as a gift from a fan and now it seems that the Christian singer Chris Tomlin wants Lennox to play for him ln a concert! Watching the video you will find that Lennox is not only adorable but also full of talent  --- complex rhythms, pauses, countermeasures and even a short solo! Nothing is out of Lennox's reach!

image: Facebook
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