Your pimples are trying to tell you something! Find out what it is with face mapping! -
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Your pimples are trying to tell you…
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Your pimples are trying to tell you something! Find out what it is with face mapping!


How much time do we spend in front of the mirror checking to make sure that everything is in place? In some cases too much time, but, in any case, we almost never look at what we should look at.

In fact, our skin (but also nails and hair) are a mirror of everything that happens inside our body that we cannot observe directly. For this reason, observing our skin closely, and identifying any related problems are essential for achieving a state of well-being and health.

Do you ever find yourself with pimples despite not suffering from acne or are you in the age group that is most often affected by this disorder? You should know that there is a reason why a pimple appeared right there at that spot!

Warning: This is not a medical website, and no suggestions or practical methods are offered. For any doubts or further information, readers should refer to a health professional and avoid taking personal initiatives. The content of this article is purely for information purposes and does not in any way replace the opinion of a doctor.

Face mapping dates back to ancient Chinese traditional medicine and it is based on identifying various areas of the face that correspond to the health of internal organs.

Depending on where the pimples or redness of skin appear automatically corresponds to a certain internal disorder that affects one or more organs. 

Cheeks: According to the theory of facial mapping, the cheek area is associated with lung health. 
Conditions that hinder proper breathing (asthma, breathing difficulties) and diseases that affect the organs involved in the process (lungs in particular) can cause acne on one or both cheeks. Heavy smokers often have pimples in this area. 

Undergoing allergy tests and quitting smoking can be solutions to the problem. 

Chin and the area around the lips: The mouth area is connected to the upper gastrointestinal tract. Skin problems in this area can be caused by poor eating habits, such as a low-calorie intake, or by the consumption of processed foods. To cure the skin blemishes on the chin and lip area, it could be enough to just eat a healthy and varied diet and to prefer whole foods that contain fibers to facilitate digestion. 

The chin area is instead associated with the kidneys and the urinary tract. Inflammations of the urinary tract can cause acne and redness in this area. Undergo specific tests to check for any potential problems. 

Lower forehead: As taught by the school of traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, the forehead is connected to the spirit and the mind. All the alterations that affect the state of mind, such as stress and anxiety, are reflected here. The area that affects the area immediately above the eyebrows is instead connected to the liver. Any problems regarding the liver are manifested in this area and may appear as a result of consuming fried foods and fats or due to eating large amounts of sweets. 

Upper forehead: If you have pimples and redness in this area, you may have digestive disorders, as this area is associated with intestinal health. 

Nose: This area is linked to the health of the lungs, but more generally to the respiratory system. Similar to the cheek areas, if you have pimples on your nose, it is advisable to undergo allergy tests to identify the substances that make breathing difficult.

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