Cure Mental Disorders Without Drugs? This Is The Goal Of A Revolutionary Norwegian Hospital -
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Cure Mental Disorders Without Drugs?…
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Cure Mental Disorders Without Drugs? This Is The Goal Of A Revolutionary Norwegian Hospital


If one person suffers from depression and another manifests a perpetual state of anxiety, doctors trained in the Western school of medicine have no doubts, and almost always advise patients to resolve their problems by taking drugs.

Unfortunately, these doctors rarely try to solve psychological problems in any other way and prefer to opt for pharmacological treatments that can often be very invasive with extremely negative side effects.

But this is not the way doctors think in Norway, in fact, this is the country that has given birth to the first psychiatric hospital in which patients can choose to not be treated with drugs.

In the Scandinavian town of Åsgård, a psychiatric hospital has pioneered this initiative: it has decided to allow patients to adopt a drug-free treatment. The hospital in question is located in Tromsø, 215 miles north of the Arctic Circle, far from the centers of western psychiatry ...

But how are patients treated in this hospital? They are accommodated in a room with six beds, each of which is assigned to a single patient. The aim is to provide an alternative that does not necessarily imply the use of heavy drugs, helping those who suffer from severe mental disorders to gradually reduce the intake of previously prescribed drugs.

"Medication-free Treatment", this is the sign hanging in front of the door of the hospital ward, a sign that symbolizes the beginning of a new therapy that has been approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Health. The health ministry has also ordered the extension of this method of treatment, that allows patients to chose a drug-free treatment, to four other regional healthcare units in Norway.

In this new method of treatment, physical activity is also very important. In addition, every patient is also asked to do their best in artistic endeavors and above all to dialogue with doctors and other patients, and thereby gradually reintegrate into daily social contexts. With these premises, the doors open to a radical change in the field of psychiatry in Norway, which, we hope, can also spread like wildfire all over the world.


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