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Would you be able to recognize plastic…
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Would you be able to recognize plastic rice? Here are some signs to keep in mind ...


In our era, characterized and heavily influenced by the presence of the Internet, we often see a constant wave of news regarding all the same topic (such as a scandal or an alarming event) that is talked about back and forth for days.

Then, when the moment of glory passes, the news often ends up being forgotten (at least by the great majority of the public) almost as if it had never existed.

This is what happened in the case of the plastic rice scandal, which hit mainly food supplies in Africa but also many other parts of the world.

To keep an eye on the issue, we want to bring to your attention some of the characteristics of this counterfeited product, since, unfortunately, even to this day, in some places around the world, there is news about its presence.

image: pexels.com

Plastic rice from China was created by mixing potato starch with industrial resins (which are very cheap) and then adding it to real rice so as to "stretch" it and in this way maximize the profits from its sale.  It is needless to say what risks, this toxic mix, subjects the intestines ... 

To recognize plastic rice, there are some very precise warning signals to which we should pay attention: 

- counterfeit grains are white and opaque and not as transparent as real rice grains; 
- are particularly sticky because potato starch is highly thickening; 
- its white color remains unchanged and bright even after cooking; 
- its smell is similar to that of plastic materials
- after cooking, you will smell the typical odor of melted plastic.

The best solution to the problem would be to buy and consume only local rice, organic and certified, but as we know, this is not always possible for various reasons. 

When we have any doubts then let us trust our intuition. Unfortunately, only a specific analysis makes it possible to detect plastic rice, especially if it is a low percentage mixed in with the normal rice. However, often these analyses are effectuated after being requested by suspicious consumers

So keep this information in mind and spread the word about the methods we have shown you to recognize plastic rice, and if you notice anything strange, tell the authorities. Just as it has already happened with other consumers, you may be the one who will be credited with stopping some dangerous unscrupulous speculation...

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