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Why do children behave so badly with…
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Why do children behave so badly with their own mother?


How many times have parents' opinions in regards to their own child differed from those of teachers or relatives?

"Your child is a real angel, he/she was very good and did not make any trouble at all".

But just as soon as you get back home that same angel starts to make capricious demands, screaming, and behaving in a way that you find difficult to manage and understand.

What is wrong? Are you, the parents, the ones who unleash this attitude in your child, or are there other people who are contributing to this misbehavior?

No, the truth of the matter is that there is a psychological explanation at the base of this phenomenon.

Children behave worse with their own mother than with anyone else.

It is with mothers that children show the worst of themselves. It is a paradox that children do not feel the weight of authority in the person who spends the most amount of time with them (presumably) and who takes care of their education as well as other issues that must be dealt with when raising a child. 

The statement was made by a group of psychologists who studied a sample of 500 families. The children were entertained inside a room and were given instructions, assignments, and reprimanded when needed. All the children, over eight months old, were collaborative, active, polite, and thoughtful when reprimanded. All this until the moment the mother was allowed to enter the same room: from that moment, over 90% of the children began to be disrespectful, agitated, capricious, and disobedient. In addition, the same orders given by the mother were not followed at all. 

How to explain this common phenomenon? Psychologists trace it back to the certainty of the feelings of love that mothers feel for their children. The latter know that the affection of their mother can never run out, regardless of their behavior, therefore, they do not need to do anything to gain their mother's confidence and prove themselves to be good children as they would with any adult other than their mother. 

A simple answer to the question that many moms and dads have asked themselves, but which provides an opportunity to reflect on the educational approach that needs to be adopted with their children.

Does this happen to your child too? Have you found a solution to this phenomenon?


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