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Debloat your stomach with these easy…
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Debloat your stomach with these easy tips!


It is not a rarity to have a swollen abdomen, even a pronounced one! The main cause is the accumulation of air and gas in the stomach and intestines, caused in turn by poor eating habits.

In fact, the consumption of carbonated drinks, smoking, and stress are among the factors that contribute to the formation of air in the abdominal area, but also the excessive intake of vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and dairy products.

To eliminate this inconvenience there is a technique which consists in massaging three precise pressure points. Here is where they are and how to use them.

1. The first pressure point to massage is located four fingers above the navel.

Apply a slight pressure on the point and effectuate a clockwise movement for two to three minutes, then a counter-clockwise movement for the same amount time. These movements help to eliminate the accumulated gas and to free the stomach.

2. The second pressure point is located two fingers above the navel.

Similarly, massage it in both directions for about two to three minutes, applying a slight pressure. This treatment eliminates water retention and is useful for treating stomach pain.


3. The third pressure point is located below the navel. To find this pressure point, place four fingers below and press down immediately after placing the last finger.

Do the same massage to stimulate intestinal activity and eliminate the accumulation of gas blocked in the intestine.

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