Discover how to repair clothing and…
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Discover how to repair clothing and save money!

June 14, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Unfortunately, even clothes, like everything else, tend with time to become old and useless and sooner or later we will have to get rid of them.

However, wait before you say that the last day for your sweater or your favorite pair of shoes has arrived! 

Before throwing them out, consider trying some of the tricks that we propose here in this article. You will discover that all is not lost --- even when it seems like it is!

Say "Goodbye" to all the lint left behind by wool sweaters. The solution is --- the freezer!

Have you noticed what condition your clothes are when you wear a wool or cashmere sweater? Whatever clothes you are wearing underneath is covered with wool fibers and lint! In order for this to not happen again, put the sweater in the freezer and take it out at least an hour before putting it on (do not put it on a radiator to dry!).

Put your jeans in the freezer!

If you want to wear that pair of jeans or pants that you love but they are not in their best condition, here is a quick remedy! Put the pants or jeans in the freezer (inside of a plastic bag) for a few hours. When you wear them they will be like they have been freshly ironed, and all the smells will also be gone!


Remove makeup stains from clothing with shaving foam.

image: @iunasmakeup

Only women know how annoying those traces of makeup on T-shirt collars and blouses can be! Therefore, to be sure to eliminate them in the first wash, before turning on the washing machine put some shaving foam on the affected area.

And for lipstick stains ...

image: Real Simple

Simply use hairspray! Spray some hairspray directly on the lipstick stain, let it dry, and then rub before putting the garment in the washing machine.

Use a nail file to remove dirt from suede shoes.

image: Susie Styles

The best solution for removing red wine stains? White wine, of course!

image: Tidy House

Soak the stained article of clothing in white wine before placing it in the washing machine. Attention! We do not recommend using the dryer! If by chance, the red wine stain does not go away in the wash, then the heat from the clothes dryer will make the stain permanent!

A defective zipper? Try rubbing the zipper with Marseille soap.


A razor blade can work miracles.

To remove the balls of lint and frayed material that make a garment look old and worn, use a razor blade! Just pass it gently on the affected areas being careful not to cut the fabric material.

Here is how to use a pair of patent leather shoes DAILY.

image: Delia creates

People often buy patent leather ceremonial shoes and then wear them very little due to their style and appearance. If you decide you want to transform these types of shoes permanently, here is how --- Arm yourself with a glue gun and any fabric that you like and cover them completely!


What about those horrible bleach stains on black clothes?

image: Sew Many Ways

Everything can be resolved easily and quickly with a black permanent ink marker. In fact, it takes longer to say it than to do it! 

Repair bras that are still good to use by using a band-aid to keep the underwire support in place.

Remove the fabric present on clothes hangers that stops clothes from slipping off, and use it to remove deodorant stains.

Regarding perspiration stains, you can use lemon juice or baking soda ...

image: Popsugar

Rub the affected area with a mixture of water and lemon juice, or baking soda for the more stubborn stains.

To eliminate the static electricity that some fabrics naturally produce just pin a safety pin to your clothes.

Are your leather boots looking old and worn out? Just apply some vinegar by rubbing it into the leather with a soft bristle toothbrush.

image: Susie Styles

We leave you with a video that explains five different tricks to remove red wine stains from fabrics!

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