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A 6-year-old girl covers herself with chickenpox like dots with a red ink permanent marker to avoid going to school

Many children start their scholastic careers full of joy and curiosity towards what would seem to be a beautiful and new adventure! However, many others, soon get bored with this novelty and in order…

He finds his girlfriend sleeping in bed with another and take selfies for revenge and posts them on social media

In certain situations, a healthy dose of irony never hurts, even in those contexts of life that we would never expect. If by chance you find out that your partner is cheating on you - right there in front…

He is 31 years old, she is 91 and this English couple shows everyone that true love has no age

He is 31 years old and she is 91 and if you double-check it, the mathematical difference amounts to 60. Just like the age difference between young Kyle Jones and the elderly lady Marjorie McCool is exactly…

An elderly man brings his sick dog to a hospital for humans and the kind doctors decide to treat him anyway

There are countless stories that testify to how powerful the bond between a human being and a dog can be. Very often, they have been friends for many years and they take care of each other day after day.…

The judge holds a young mother's baby while she takes the oath to become a lawyer

Those who study and have a child to raise at the same time, know well how many difficulties this situation can entail. It is not at all easy, in fact, to pursue a course of study until a degree is obtained…

Parents should involve their children more in household chores, research studies confirm

We often tend to believe that today's children are more spoiled than in the past. While before, in fact, the children in the family were real helpers to their parents in their work and in doing household…

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