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A Thai businessman offers a dowry of $315,000 USD to anyone who marries his daughter

In many countries, it is still in use the tradition that the promised groom or his family must offer a bride price to the family of the future bride, as a condition of marriage.  However, there is a…

21 parents who have devised clever tricks to keep their children under control!

The world of children is magical --- that is to say, that in their eyes the most common scientific and rational laws of nature do not apply, and - even more wonderfully - everything is yet to be discovered,…

21 lovely reasons NOT to adopt a German shepherd dog

When you want to adopt a dog, you often also inquire about the characteristics of its breed, as if you want to ensure that it is compatible with you and your lifestyle. You wonder, if, in fact, it will…
Cute Dogs Funny

They became friends in the hospital and 4 years later they met again for a moving photo shoot!

There are stories that give hope, help us to trust in life, and make us think that in the end, anything is possible. Miracles sometimes happen, even more than one at a time, as in the case of four…

Your mom is the only friend who will always be there for you, for better or for worse

Love is an extraordinary and universal feeling, and it can unite people to one another, in all its forms, both when it binds two soulmates and when it manifests itself as affection between family members.…

At 12 years old, his mother gave him a smartphone, but first she "obligated" him to sign a 17-point contract!

For parents, giving their child a smartphone is, without a doubt, useful but at the same time, it can put their child's health and safety at risk. In fact, through a smartphone, one can access harmful…

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