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TOP Video of the moment!

A grandmother decides to celebrate her 89th birthday with "special" waiters, and the photos are hilarious!

Birthdays are special days and as such deserve to be celebrated in the best possible way. And even if the company is what matters most, certainly, a gift or two should not be missing! Every year, in fact,…

According to a Japanese tradition, each finger corresponds to an organ and this is what happens when you massage your fingers!

Did you know that we can give new energy to our body through our fingers and their pressure points? According to the ancient Japanese technique of Jin Shin Jyutsu thanks to a few but simple tactile moves,…

The real secret to happiness is when someone else cleans your house for you!

Doing household chores and cleaning are not really the most attractive activities we hope to do over the weekend, yet sometimes it is impossible to avoid them. A large and lively family, a dinner with…

Why do mosquitoes bite you more than anyone else? Here are seven reasons why you are being targeted

When the first heat waves hit that means only one thing: summer is finally upon us! However, every year, with the arrival of good weather, annoying mosquitoes also arrive, always ready to torment us and…

A little boy with a disability encounters a "special" puppy ... and from that day on they are inseparable

When they come into the world, dogs with particular disabilities do not seem to usually have extremely favorable prospects for life. In fact, their physical handicaps are very often the reasons that many…

11 apparently trivial signs that could indicate heart problems

"Please, don't play with my heart." How many times have we heard this phrase repeated? Probably many times, and it is not just a saying! The heart is the engine of the human body. Thanks to this incredible…

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