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Are you gaining weight? It is your best friend's fault, researchers say!

If you have been desperately trying to lose weight for some time without achieving the desired results, perhaps you should stop changing from one type of diet to another looking for the best one! It would…

The youngest siblings are usually the funniest in the family

In every large family, there are different types of personalities, partly and inevitably linked to the roles covered by each member. For example, parents, being the highest authorities of the group, will…

Being faithful is a symptom of intelligence because unfaithful people are less "evolved" ...

Love is like candy, according to the Colombian neuroscientist Rodolfo Llinás, not because it is sweet: rather because those who are in love want more and more love from the person they love. In fact,…

"The best one is YOU" --- A wonderful letter that all parents should read

The dissemination of information via the internet has allowed us all to become much more aware of certain aspects of daily life. For example, if we want to know how to change a bicycle wheel, we can easily…

A daughter is always deeply influenced by the relationship she has had with her father

If parents are the most important people for a child, then it is true that this concept can be further specified; since, for example, fathers are fundamental figures in the life of their daughters. Not…

Learning to ignore offenses is a sign of intelligence and emotional strength

Within just 24 hours we are able to change moods over and over again, passing from feeling in seventh heaven to wanting to hide underground! It often happens that making us feel so depressed is an unpleasant…

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