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Couple goes to a luxury restaurant but don't clear their plates: the woman puts the leftovers in a container she had brought from home

Having food is always a blessing and should never be wasted - which is why more and more restaurants around the world offer to prepare a "doggy bag" for those who cannot finish their meals. A doggy…
Food Viral Wtf

Man travels 6,000 km to meet the love of his life: she does not show up for the appointment

It is said that love conquers all and in fact, there are numerous stories that feature people who are so in love that they can overcome the most insurmountable obstacles, such as being distant from…

22-year-old criticized for never wanting to become a mother: "Children bother me"

In the past, women were mainly seen as people who were destined to become mothers - women's wishes and ambitions were not taken into account, as their prime purpose was seen as being procreation…

Brother keeps making fun of his vegan sister: his father punishes him by forcing him to eat vegan food for 1 month

Punishing children by using food (or withholding food) is almost always a bad idea, but wait until you read this dad's story before judging his actions. The man posted his story to Reddit, asking users…

"I only shower once every 10 days and I don't stink": followers criticize her for her personal hygiene routine

Personal hygiene is an important aspect of our daily life, essential for body care and the prevention of infectious diseases. Regular washing is a necessity that most people have in both winter and summer…

Grandfather sells his house and becomes homeless to pay for his granddaughter's studies: he is rewarded with thousands of donations

Many families can no longer even afford to send their children to school due to the rising costs of education. But, only proper schooling can help people emerge from poverty. Desraj Ji knows this very…

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