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From puppy to dog: 10 funny photos show how fast our four-legged friends grow

When we adopt a puppy dog there is a part of us that wishes it would never grow up: cuddling that bundle of softness full of sweetness forever is the dream of many. Too bad, however, that dogs, like all…

2-year-old almost dies of secondary drowning hours after inhaling pool water

Summer has arrived and, with it, comes a lot of dangerous situations, especially involving small children. The Sun is out, the weather is almost too hot to handle, and so everyone has one thing on their…

Love is in the details: 10 photos that show couples doing everyday things together

Love is probably the strongest feeling we experience during our everyday lives. Most of us don't need extravagant gifts or declarations of our partner's undying love for us everyday; the more simple gestures,…
Art Love

A man is forced to collect garbage to live after his fiancée spent all his money

There are people in the world for whom feelings play a truly marginal role in their relationships with others, so much so that, in the name of material gains and wealth, they are willing to trample on…

These 7 friends renovated a rundown mansion and turned it into a home where they all live together

There's nothing like having a great group of friends. And we're not just talking about friends you have fun with, but friends who know you to your core. Friends that are there for you through thick and…

Why does this mamma duck escort her baby ducklings across the hallway of a nursing home every year? To get to the pond on the other side of the building!

Although most fairytales exist in an imaginary world, a patient care center in Canandaigua, New York, has experienced their own version of a fairytale every Spring since 1995. For close to 25 years now,…

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