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He was the first customer to enter Disneyland and every year he returns thanks to his lifetime pass

Children, you know, love going to theme parks and, if they could, they would spend entire days on the different rides and participating in the fun attractions. Many adults also find it amusing to spend…

This little girl keeps all the gifts she receives from a flock of crows she has fed for 4 years

Gabi Mann, the little protagonist of this beautiful true story, is only 8 years old. And yet she has experienced a relationship of friendship and trust for over four years with a small flock of crows…

This teacher buys food for one of her students who is in difficulty

School should not only impart knowledge but also be a kind of extension of the family unit for a child. Every individual child has his or her personal story, needs, and problems that the school staff…

A man tries to end it all but is saved by three heroic young teenage boys at the last moment

We often hear news on TV about dramatic events and we wonder how we would react if we were in the same situation. One wonders if at the right time one would be able to do the right thing, to react appropriately,…

A taxi driver accepts 8 stray dogs as passengers together with an elderly woman

Love for animals is always a noble feeling, even when it may appear a little excessive in the eyes of those who perceive some gestures as a bit exaggerated and peculiar and express their disapproval.…

In this restaurant, all the staff is made up of former homeless people in search of social reintegration

It is not just any restaurant that you will find in Rua Sao Jose, 54 in Lisbon, in the heart of the capital of Portugal. The restaurant with the name "E Um Restaurant" is the first in Portugal to be…

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