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With this traditional Chinese method, you can say goodbye to headaches in 5 minutes and without medication!

A headache, in all its forms and phases, can be caused by various factors, and those who suffer from it know only too well how annoying and disabling this disorder can be. In most cases drugs are used…

Sisters are much more than the best of friends! They are a single soul in two bodies!

The relationship between sisters is not always idyllic. In fact, the relationship can begin with constant rivalry, and not develop until later into that magnificent form of mutual affection and respect…

7 useful techniques to overcome anxiety and regain control of your life

For many of us, living and learning to live with various forms of anxiety has become a necessity from which we cannot escape. We are put to the test on a daily basis and we cannot do anything but try…

This Down couple married for 28 years proves that love knows no boundaries

Many couples are well aware of the fact that keeping a marriage alive and healthy is not easy at all. Men and women who seem made for each other often promise eternal love and happiness, but then find…

A Paralympic athlete gets out of his wheelchair and saves a kitten in danger and the video goes viral

Having a physical disability is certainly not the ideal situation for any individual, but some may say that it is the lack of courage, heart, and altruism that represents a real handicap for a human being.…

A woman gives her 2-year-old daughter her smartphone to play with and the little girl mistakenly buys a $500 armchair!

Today's children are so used to technology from an early age that the very term "digital native" is now becoming obsolete. In fact, seeing little children with a smartphone or tablet while still in their…

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