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This young boy grew out his hair for two years in order to donate it to sick children suffering from cancer

For many parents, raising children not only consists in clothing and feeding them, but also instilling in them positive values that will last their entire lives. There's satisfaction in knowing that you…

40 people learn Sign Language in order to communicate with their neighbors' deaf daughter

If any of you love watching old movies and tv shows, you'll probably notice that neighbors use to be a lot more "neighborly" than what they are today. People would stop by, perhaps to ask to borrow some…

Real class isn't just knowing how to dress, it's also knowing how to respect others

When we hear the word "class," we most likely think of someone who knows how to dress well; they know what colors to pair together, what styles are "in" and the more expensive the price tag, the better.…

They ask her to disguise herself as her favorite superhero and the little girl chose to "makeup" as her father

When superheroes are not the subject of comics and films, they can be found around the corner, perhaps next door neighbors, capable of using their greatest superpower of all: love, affection, generosity.…

5 reasons why those born under the sign of Libra are the best partners of the zodiac

Who would not like to have a person at their side who is always there, ready and available to help at any time, and who cares in a sensitive and sincere way for those around them? It is probably the dream…

These motorcyclists accompany abused children to court to make them feel safe

There are things that should never happen to a child but which, unfortunately, are the reality of very sad episodes that many minors have to deal with, and which they will remember for a lifetime. We…

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