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A dog feels alone in a shelter after her best friend has been adopted and she is so sad that she no longer eats

Arwen is a two-and-a-half-year-old female Saint Bernard puppy, who already weighs 154 lb (70 kg) and cannot stand still for a minute. Due to her size, Arwen is not able to interact with small or medium-sized…

A husband and wife had a giant bed built to sleep with their 8 dogs rescued from the street

You have no idea how high the number of animals abandoned on the streets around the world is—pets without shelter or a loving family and forced into a life of homelessness. But there are angels with…

After a tragic car accident, this dog takes care of his owner for 40 hours until help arrives

The world is full of brave dogs and their owners and human friends who need to be rescued or saved. And a dog knows very well how to show loyalty and affection by returning all the love it has received…

Believed to have been lost forever but after 38 years they found his turtle among the dusty shelves in their old home

Our first love is never forgotten, and this is true even it that love was for our first pet, we would dare to assert. Whether it was a dog, a cat, or a turtle, the memories of the time spent as a young…

The banana is a treasury of energy for the body: 7 benefits that make it an excellent choice for health

It is one of the most widely consumed and delicious fruits in the world, as well as one of the most energy filled that exists. Did you recognize it? We are obviously talking about the banana, a product…

An ingenious husband invents a special bicycle so that he can ride with his wife who has Alzheimer's

Every self-respecting love story has its difficulties and problems to face. One of the most difficult tests to bear, probably, is when, with the onset of old age, the first ailments and diseases arrive.…

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