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10 principles concerning the law of karma that will change your life

Each individual, in order to live in harmony, must nourish and preserve a healthy equilibrium within their mind, body, and soul. Every day, the countless situations to which we subject this delicate…

Here are 17 plants that can clean the indoor environment of our homes, certified by NASA

When a house is a home, it is considered a sanctuary, a welcoming haven where one is embraced by the warmth of one's family, and where one should feel safe and protected. But in order for a house to…

Every day for 6 years, this boy has carried his best friend on his back to allow him to attend school

An adage says "Whoever finds a friend, finds a treasure", but in order to be universally valid, it would be necessary to specify: whoever finds a "true" friend. Friendship is, in fact, a precious bond,…

Depression and anxiety are not signs of weakness, but signs of an ongoing internal struggle

For too long disorders such as anxiety and depression were underestimated at both the institutional level and in relation to social awareness. Today, these disorders have won recognition as being authentic…

Panic attacks, how to recognize the symptoms and learn how to manage them

Anxiety is a natural emotion and physiological response to a stressful situation. However, when anxiety is not proportionate to the triggering context or if one is triggered for no apparent reason, the…

For her 60th birthday, this woman undergoes such an incredible transformation that her own daughter finds it hard to recognize her!

All birthdays are important, but some, in particular, function as milestones, and serve as good opportunities to celebrate in a significant way and to make a birthday unforgettable - but not only. …

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