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6 things for which we should never give any explanations ...

To be interested in the affairs of others is a habit inherent in human nature. We have all done it at least once. And knowing the details of the lives of others and forming an opinion about their situation…

Wherever you cannot be yourself, it is better not to be there

We must make courageous choices to be ourselves and faithful to our identity, avoiding spaces and dynamics that make us feel bad. But what does it mean to be yourself? Strange as it may seem, there are…

Dedicate your time only to those who deserve it, because you will never get that time back again

Time flows inexorably, but often we are not fully aware of its importance. "Lost time is never found again", and from this old proverb comes a reflection --- how many things do we do that end up making…

According to psychologists, parents who raise their children in a healthy and positive way do these 5 things

One of the effects of the profound technological changes of our time lies in the fact that today's children grow up accompanied by a multitude of different instruments and games, able to keep them entertained…

Having a coffee with a friend is the best therapy against the stress of everyday life

Today's world is moving at such a high speed that we often arrive at the end of the day, dead tired, but without even really remembering everything that we have done. Consequently, in order to be able…

Physical attraction, without mental attraction, is not enough.

We walk down the street and suddenly our eyes are captured by the beauty of an unknown person who, like a magnet, captures our attention and imagination. And who has never experienced a similar situation?…

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