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This 91-year-old policeman is still on duty and has no intention of retiring

There are people who can't do without their job and who roll their eyes at the thought of retirement in the hope that that moment will never come. Of course, not many people are so dedicated to work -…

Couple win £ 1,000,000 on the lottery and donate food packages to less fortunate people with part of the money

Have you ever won the Lottery? We hope so for you, even if it is such a rare event that many people who are the direct benefiaries of this unexpected and joyful event often wanted to remain anonymous.…

"No strollers or high chairs": a restaurant forbids entry to families with noisy and unruly children

We believe that everyone has at some point, entered a restaurant, to sit at the table with friends and relatives and wanted to enjoy a lunch or dinner in all serenity and tranquility; but often, to ruin…

At 5 years old he helps the electricians in the house by always taking care of them: at the end of the job, they gave him 20 pounds

When your child is so willing that he wants to help you take care of little household chores, appreciate it: nowadays, the new generation is much more disengaged and less used to manual labor and small…

Old but tough: 15 objects that have been through all sorts of things but are still functional

New technologies have improved and have also, in some ways, facilitated everyday life for young and old; for example, with the development of mechanization, many manual jobs are carried out by cutting-edge…

A picture of sweetness: 17 animals so cute and cuddly that we could have mistaken them for soft toys

If they hadn't told us that they were real animals, alive and well, we would have definitely mistaken them for stuffed toys which are very similar to reality, so rich and realistic in detail that we would…

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