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19 people to whom Mother Nature has given an incredibly magnetic gaze

One of the first physical traits that are noticed about a person is their eyes, especially when they are of an atypical color. In fact, until about 10,000 years ago, all human beings had brown eyes. …

This gentleman is called "the man with the golden arm" and he has saved the lives of more than 2 million children!

Every life is precious, but there are some that appear as a gift of fundamental importance for others -- and certainly, among these, we can include that of James Harrison. What makes this 82-year-old…

Be careful! Your happiness can really bother unhappy people ...

Serenity is a more or less prolonged tranquil mental condition, happiness is instead made of moments, linked to particularly positive episodes and situations. Sometimes it may happen that you want to…

A woman suffering from leukemia gives birth to twins and a few days before giving birth she receives news that gives her hope!

Expecting a baby is an experience that one can only attempt to describe in words. Feeling a new being growing inside you, talking to "him" or "her" as if the baby were already in the world, praying every…

10 natural foods will help you lower your blood sugar levels without you even realizing it!

Hyperglycemia is an endemic disorder of modern society that affects an increasing number of individuals, including young people, every year, mainly due to incorrect lifestyles. Warning symptoms include…

Parents, in order to properly educate their children, must also be able to say NO!

Whims, crying, and screaming are an integral part of being a child, indeed, we could say when these things happen, that they are just "being children". However, as parents, you cannot always go along…

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