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The 10 most common reasons that lead couples to divorce

When we are at the beginning of a love story, we imagine, and often strongly believe, that it will last forever. While there are good chances and plenty of examples of true love that lead us to hope for…

She abandoned her 88 year old mother outside: the woman is reported for mistreatment

No human being should be deprived of their own well-being and freedom in any way. Yet the world is full of injustices. The elderly are just some of the "favorite" targets of certain heartless characters,…

A little girl sees that the neighbor offers her "4-legged brothers" a treat every day and decides to follow in their footsteps

Having animal companions enriches our lives, makes them more cheerful, interesting and in a word "better". Adopting a sweet furry friend is a good idea at any age. But when there are also young children,…

17 people who compared their photos with those of their relatives and discovered a remarkable similarity

It's not until we have in our hands an old photograph of our parents, our grandparents or our relatives from the past, that we will notice how striking the similarity between us and them can sometimes…

A little girl bursts into tears when she sees that all her classmates are there on the day of her adoption

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure. A saying that hides a great truth, because in fact, even through the most complicated adversities of our life or when we feel particularly alone, we know that…

2 parrots having a nice chat: the tones and expression are incredibly "human"

Just when we think we have seen or heard almost everything, be sure that, thanks to the internet and the ability to get to know a good part of the world instantly with just a click, something new comes…

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