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She goes out with a young farmer and he gives her a 12 kg (25 lb) wheel of cheese on the first date

It's said that in love everything is allowed, if the aim is to impress the person who lights up our days every time we meet them, as much as possible. The first date is always an important moment, although…

This girl stopped shaving when she was 15 and receives insults about her beard every day

Although there is a famous popular Italian saying that says "donna barbuta, sempre piaciuta" (bearded woman are always liked), modern society quite explicitly imposes a certain standard of female beauty.…

15 people who said goodbye to their imperfections thanks to surgery and who would have liked to do it sooner

Can you look in the mirror without finding any physical defects? We mean some physical characteristics that disturb us every time we look at ourselves in a picture or in the mirror, and which undermine…

They get married on the dock of a lake and when the wedding rings are exchanged, the bride's ring falls into the water: the scene is surreal

A wedding celebration should be, for those who choose to get married, one of the most beautiful days to experience together with their partner and with all those who love them and who are part of their…

This woman is a skilled plumber, electrician and welder: she has astounded everyone and built her own house

Over the course of a few decades, the role of women in society has changed a great deal, and although most Western women can be defined as emancipated today, the road to equal rights is still very long.…

"I don't like my name!": a 5 year old girl writes a letter to her mother to convince her to change it legally

Imagine having a child and suddenly discovering that they don't like the name you gave them at all and would like to change it; you would be definitely amazed, but at the same time not too surprised,…

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