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Two weeks of rice-based menus that are the secret to purifying our body

Rice is an ideal food to purify the body and to promote weight loss. It has low-calorie content and no gluten, so it is also suitable for those suffering from specific allergies or intolerances. In addition,…

Jon Bon Jovi is a star of social solidarity because, in his restaurants, needy people can eat for free

There are those who have been following his musical career for a lifetime. And there are those who have appreciated him for his successful TV series appearances or those who know him only for being the…

A grandson discovers that his grandmother has never been to the sea and takes her on a memorable journey

Each of us knows that life is made of positive and negative moments, of joys, but also of sacrifices and regrets. We often tend to postpone things we would like to do but that, for one reason or another,…

The ideal family does not have to be perfect but it must be united

The family is the place where we feel protected, loved, and pampered by those who really love us. Of course, no human being is perfect, just as no family can be considered as such, but the important thing…

This little dog reported permanent brain damage due to the owner who had left it in the car in the sun

Not everyone who chooses to have a dog also chooses to take care of it properly. We still cannot explain why some people take the trouble to get a pet, considering their lack of interest in keeping it…

Will Smith's son opens a traveling restaurant to give free and healthy food to those in need

For those who do not have a home and a roof over their head or a place where they can take shelter, eat, and sleep, facing everyday life can really be challenging. In winter, especially, survival conditions…

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