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Lavender lemonade: how to prepare this precious ally against anxiety and stress

Lavender is a wonderfully aromatic herb with numerous beneficial properties; and, to take advantage of them, one can use the lavender essential oil or lavender flowers.   Lavender essential oil is…

According to science, this is the type of woman's body that men value most. Do you agree?

Beauty is a subjective reality, but also a cultural one, especially in regards to women. In fact, the idea of what is female perfection has changed radically over the centuries - if we consider that…

I am tired and my body sleeps, but my soul finds no rest

A mother rarely has free time to devote to herself, to relax, to turn off her brain and not to think about anything: there is work, and then children, her spouse, the house, and each one requires her…

Those who cheat once have a very high probability of doing so again says a study

We often hear that those who cheat once are more likely to do it again. As a matter of fact, this common belief also appears to be validated by scientific research. Some studies have, indeed, confirmed…

Those born under the sign of Libra do not let anyone walk all over them, therefore, treat them with respect!

Pride, stubbornness, and sensitivity masked by toughness, these are just some of the dominant traits of those born under the zodiac sign of Libra. Just having to deal with a Libra, is not a simple thing,…

Here are the silent symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency and how to integrate it into our diet

If you suffer from bone pain and muscle weakness and your hands have been sweating inexplicably for some time, perhaps the answer is to be found in a vitamin D deficiency. Like all other vitamins, also…

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