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Cuban doctors arrived in Italy with clothes which were too light: the city of Crema gives them warm sweatshirts and sweaters

Italy is the second country most affected by the Coronavirus after China and humanitarian aid from around the world has not been long in coming. Cuba, for example, has sent a brigade of 50 experienced…

He cannot leave the house because of quarantine, so he sends his chihuahua "on a mission" to buy chips

In difficult days of forced quarantine, whose restrictive measures by various governments around the world are trying to be as effective as possible to contain the contagion from Covid-19, the population…

This stray kitty has a black cat-like birthmark on its muzzle that has made it a true web celebrity

Sometimes, around us, we see totally unexpected sights that manage to amaze us even if, in life, we think we have seen a lot. With the advent and diffusion of the internet and social networks, moreover,…

His family was too poor to buy him toys; at 10 years old, he makes his own action figures out of molding clay

Life's difficulties can befall on us at any age; it doesn't matter whether we're young, old, or even a child. What really matters is that we don't let our circumstances limit what we are capable of achieving.…

Croatia: more than a thousand ultras show up to help a hospital transport its baby incubators to a safe place after earthquake destroys maternity section

Once a national emergency hits, people are ready to take action. In Croatia, it's not only the Coronavirus that's been bringing their health system to its knees. Just the other day, Croatia suffered a…

Teenage boy invites his blind girlfriend to prom, writing his message in Braille with pieces of chocolate.

In the United States, prom is one of the most important moments in a high schooler's life. This is the time where usually the male student gets to declare his love for his girlfriend or secret crush.…

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