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This elderly gentleman lost his life while saving two schoolchildren who were about to be hit by a car

After many years spent working, it can be difficult to start a new chapter in life that for many retirees consists of "doing nothing" and having a lot of "free time." In fact, many people fail to adapt…

A young woman rescues and adopts a stray kitten and months later she discovers that it was a cougar cub

It could certainly happen that a person runs into a poor kitten abandoned in on the streets - and rescuing it would be the first thing to do, without any hesitation! In fact, Florencia Nobo did not think…

World record holding Maine Coon specimen Omar measures 120 cm

When he was adopted and was only a kitten, Omar, a splendid specimen of the Maine Coon cat, was soft, tender and very  sweet and, but owner Stephy Hirst could not have imagined that growing up he…

A dog feels alone in a shelter after her best friend has been adopted and she is so sad that she no longer eats

Arwen is a two-and-a-half-year-old female Saint Bernard puppy, who already weighs 154 lb (70 kg) and cannot stand still for a minute. Due to her size, Arwen is not able to interact with small or medium-sized…

His ex-girlfriend shows up at his wedding dressed as a bride and begs him to come back to her

Not everyone manages to stay on good terms with their ex and, honestly, it's no wonder. Leaving aside those cases in which the relationship is totally compromised, perhaps because of betrayal (of course,…

A 12-year-old boy leaves his puppy dog in front of an animal shelter to save it from his abusive father

It has often been said and demonstrated that we have much to learn from children. We could not think otherwise after reading the stories that often see them as the protagonists of meaningful gestures…

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