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Lasagna with bacon, mushrooms and courgette cream: how to make it at home in a few minutes

Lasagna is one of the most celebrated and appreciated savory recipes in the world, typical of the city of Bologna, in Italy. The traditional recipe is the one with meat and ragout among its main ingredients,…

This impoverished boy had to cross a river to go to school every day: today he studies at Harvard

Despite the fact that life sometimes brings us great difficulties, we should try not to let ourselves be overwhelmed by them. With great willpower you can overcome obstacles that were believed to be insurmountable…

He asks her to put her dog on a leash, she calls the police: "a man of color is threatening me". She is fired.

Sometimes such unpleasant episodes happen that there seems to be no end to intolerance, selfishness and bad habits in some people. We could not think otherwise after reading what happened in New York,…

The groom surprised his wife during the ceremony by bringing her young disabled patients to the church

For many people, the wedding remains a memorable day for a long time, a moment made of joy, smiles and feelings, spent with the people they love most. This was also the case for Cintia Bonfante Pereira,…

4 boys save a drowning girl: they are rewarded with a lifetime supply of hamburgers

There are moments in life when what happens around us leaves little room for thoughts and evaluations, because we must act and do so as soon as possible. We are talking about all those emergency situations…

A repellent spray made from coffee, that keeps mosquitoes away: a home remedy, 100% natural

Mosquitoes are among the principal problems that the heat of summer brings: every year we arm ourselves with holy patience and buy every type of repellent we can get our hands on, in addition to the usual…

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