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A childless couple decide to get sterilized: a choice that causes some discussion

The world has changed, and with it society and people's way of thinking; some prejudices have lapsed, while other values linked to freedom of choice have returned to the fore. For this reason, very often…

Her husband cheated on her with an engaged woman: years later, she marries his lover's ex-fiance

Have you ever been the victim of an unexpected betrayal? If your answer is yes, you know very well that the first reaction is one of total upheaval; you could not have imagined that your partner could…

At 12 years old a girl gives all the money she received for her birthday to a homeless man who returned a lost wallet to her grandmother

The change we crave so badly in the world could begin with one good deed which, however "small," certainly has a deeper meaning. And if we all committed ourselves to doing a good deed on a daily basis,…

A talented hairdresser shows how liberating it can be to take a drastic cut to your hair

Cutting one's hair is an act of pampering not only towards one's appearance but also towards one's self-esteem; many women, especially those who have always proudly sported their long hair, have over…

19 people who were photographed just moments before being involved in an entertaining disaster

A good photographer is one who manages to capture the right moment to immortalize an emotion, a scene, an impression that can last forever. In short, you have to be in the right place, at the right time.…
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She breastfeeds her 6-year-old son at a family dinner but her sister asks her to stop so as not to embarrass everyone

There is no specific age at which a mother has to stop breastfeeding her child; there are those who stop when the little one turns one or two years old, there are those who chose to feed their child breast…

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