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11 photos containing an optical illusion that are funny brain teasers!

There are countless talented artists who study to learn how to create incredible optical illusions, using the play of light and shadows or vertical or horizontal lines. At other times, however, an optical…
Cute Funny Wtf

21 absurdities of fashion to which we really cannot find an explanation

You may have seen photos of the past when the fashions were completely different. It will have seemed strange to you that people wore "bell-bottomed" pants (flared trousers) or teased or cottoned their…
Absurd Fashion Wtf

19 scary situations that will make you feel chills up and down your spine!

Have you ever experienced something inexplicable that still makes you shudder when you think about it? For example, catching a glimpse of a shadow person out of the corner of your eye --- where there…
Absurd Fear Wtf

13 situations so scary that they would frighten even the most fearless!

There are people who are very easily frightened and who jump at the slightest sound or at anything unexpected that appears in front of them.  Others, however, are more difficult to scare, but it is not…
Absurd Wtf

15 people who have "Partied Hearty" ... and woken up with a nice "Surprise"

Each of us has memories related to our youth, partying until dawn, and people slightly out of their minds. Even if we remember that stage of our life with a smile on our lips, it is good that type of…
Incredible Jokes Wtf

Here are some of the rarer phenomena of our planet that only a few have seen in person!

Sometimes we witness rare, absurd, and incredibly beautiful phenomena! Nowadays, without any doubt, the spirit of sharing that characterizes our era means that such events are communicated from one end…

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