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8 symptoms of dehydration that most people ignore

As you know, our body is mainly composed of water - it is attested that the percentage is around 60-65%. When we are dehydrated, it means that our body is experiencing a serious lack of water, a condition…

No more skinny models! Dolce & Gabbana is the first luxury brand to introduce sizes for all body types

In the past, the so-called large-sized clothes were not considered the height of glamor - their purpose was more than anything to hide extra pounds, with no other pretensions. In fact, fashion trends…

Physical pain could be linked directly to your emotional state and here is why ...

Although we may not be used to thinking of them as such, the body and mind are two closely related entities. Although science has amply demonstrated this correlation, our culture is still strongly linked…

A psychologist reveals to us what the "ingredients" of happiness are and let's try to never forget them!

Each of us lives his or her life aspiring to absolute happiness. Be it in the form of dreams to be realized, emotions to be shared, or goals and objectives to be achieved. We often feel frustrated or…

Sunstroke and heat exhaustion! Here are all the tips to deal with hot weather temperatures!

As many people know, the sun is a fundamental health ally, since it triggers a series of beneficial mechanisms both mentally and physically. As with everything else though, the sun, also can be harmful…

Rosemary, a plant with incredible and little known benefits!

Before the advent of the pharmaceutical industry, as we know it today, skilled practitioners had always used herbal and medicinal remedies to treat ailments, alleviate symptoms, and heal various types…

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