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Broken heart syndrome has symptoms similar to a heart attack and can be caused by sadness and emotional stress

It is known that the mind has great power over the body and also how much emotions can positively or negatively affect the state of well-being of an individual. Anxiety and panic attacks can simulate…

Is your dream a flat stomach? Here are 5 infallible exercises for your lower abdominal muscles

Having a flat stomach is the dream of many women who, especially in the summer, try to lose weight to look like one of those models in fashion magazines. However, the "bikini test" is definitely not easy…

Here are ten natural benefits of onions that help to keep our body healthy!

Very often used as an ingredient for flavoring the dishes we eat during our meals, onions are root vegetables with extremely versatile and beneficial properties. In fact, onions are a great ally for…

Colon cancer - Here are all the symptoms that can help you diagnose it in time

According to data provided by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, cases of colon cancer have increased exponentially since 1990. In the past, this pathology mainly affected the elderly population, but in…

Learn how to prepare raisin water! A powerful natural detoxifying agent for the liver

Raisins possess incredible beneficial properties for the body, in particular, to purify the liver and help it function more efficiently. Eating a small portion of raisins, in the morning, can increase…

7 good habits to practice before going to sleep that can help you lose weight

Did you know that our body burns calories even while we sleep? This is why sleeping is as necessary as physical exercise. During the night, in fact, our body burns between 300 and 400 calories, which…

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