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They get married on the dock of a lake and when the wedding rings are exchanged, the bride's ring falls into the water: the scene is surreal

A wedding celebration should be, for those who choose to get married, one of the most beautiful days to experience together with their partner and with all those who love them and who are part of their…

A student decides to marry a pensioner who is 51 years her senior: the family approve

Love is blind and knows no age, it's true, but we still can't help but be perplexed when we are faced with relationships between two partners with an incredible age difference. We are not talking about…

A man finds an old woman's engagement ring thanks to the metal detector: it was stolen 33 years ago

Those who choose to practice a particular hobby such as that of metal detecting know well what is one of the greatest satisfactions for the seeker: finding precious objects and, more precisely, gold!…

A bride abandoned on the altar consoles herself by marrying one of the guests

When you decide to marry your partner, you hope it will be a well-considered decision and equally desired by both, in the belief that they can continue a long-term relationship. Still, we hear news of…

The pushy mother-in-law buys a new ring for her son because she didn't like the wedding rings chosen by the newlyweds

The myth of the domineering mother-in-law persists in Western culture for a very specific reason: most of them are actually quite intrusive and can have untenable attitudes to say the least! A newly married…

"It's me or the dogs" a husband's ultimatum to his wife: she leaves him and chooses to open a shelter for dogs

Can love for animals really surpass what we feel for humans? It's better that the two categories should never have to be compared, but it can happen that you change your life and choose to put your energies…

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