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Here is what you can do during the summer to alleviate annoying water retention

Water retention is a widespread disorder, affecting mainly women, and during the summer it usually causes much more discomfort, since the heat causes vasodilation and the accumulation of liquids. Not…

Vinegar is an effective and very economical helper! Here are seven ways to use it in household cleaning

White vinegar can really be a valuable ally to use not only in the kitchen but also in cleaning the whole house. Unlike the various toxic detergents found on the market, vinegar is absolutely natural…

Which watermelon should you buy? Here are four golden rules to choose the best one ... Keep them in mind!

Eating a slice of watermelon in the summer is ideal to refresh yourself a little and enjoy a light snack during the day. In fact, it is the least caloric fruit we have available during the summer and…

How to keep insects away from the kitchen and bedroom without using chemical products

Every year most of us look forward to the arrival of summer which, with good weather, finally gives us many days full of sunshine. But as in most things that are positive and beautiful, we must also consider…

14 pressure points to quickly rid the body of various types of pain and discomfort

Acupuncture is an age-old practice of traditional Chinese medicine that involves stimulating particular areas of the body with the aim of correcting and releasing energy flows in the body's energy network…

Here are the 7 health problems that mandarin oranges solve better than any other remedy!

All fruits are good, and mandarin oranges, in particular, because they are rich in vitamins C and B complex and numerous minerals - magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, selenium, and zinc…

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