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The 5 most typical mistakes people make that damages their hair and what you can do to avoid them

Taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of your hair. You don't have to have a rigorous routine in order to look like you just came back from the hair salon. Often, we feel like we…

6 useful tricks to wear heels without suffering and taking care of your feet

The feet are a very important part of our body: they support us and allow us to explore the world by walking from one place to another. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to take better care of…

Zipper broke? This man knows how to repair a broken zipper using just a fork

One of the most annoying things that happen to us in our everyday lives is probably a broken zipper. Who hasn't had this happen at least a dozen times? Perhaps the zipper broke on your favorite pair of…

Stuffed Zucchini: a simple and tasty recipe ready in under 30 minutes

Certain dishes, when made from scratch, never seem to disappoint anyone. Take stuffed zucchini for example. It usually has everyone's mouth watering and, once you've had one, you'll most likely want a…

5 tips on how you can grow basil in the comfort of your own home

Basil is a staple in mediterranean cuisine, but is loved by so many others for its aroma and refreshing taste. Its flavor goes well with so many ingredients, but perhaps those with which it goes best…

5 effective ways for removing gunk from your sinks and keeping your pipes clean

Nobody likes it when unpleasant gunk and residue clogs up your kitchen and bathrooms sinks. Between food, hair, and leftover soap residue, it's difficult to keep our pipes completely gunk-free. Overtime,…
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