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Try not to cringe watching the descent on these slides . . . It's crazy!

"Wild Waves" is an amusement park built in the city of Federal Way, in the state of Washington. We are not certain if it is right to discuss whether this type of amusement is right or wrong! Nevertheless,…

It seems just a pretty garden patio, but when you press a button everything changes... Wooow!

Surely the owner of this garden is not lacking the means for a special lunch in style. As if this wasn't lovely as it is, in the middle of an aperitif the owner can surprise its guests with a simple click...…

The slide starts with a free fall ... This descent is pure ADRENALINE!

The slide that you see is in the water park Odissea 2000 in Rossano(Italy), which is among the biggest parks in Europe. It's called precisely Skyron Rocket and begins with a free fall: the descent, with…

What you can do in this 2 MILLION dollar POOL, is hard to believe...

If in some parts of the world there are people who do not even know what a bath is, in other some have too much money available and does not want to settle for a normal pool. This construction has 5 monumental…

She goes up a 30 meters water slide: this will make you hold your breath !

Instead of creating a standard water slide, the builders of this of the BSR Cable Park in Waco (Texas) have added a feature that is attracting the attention of fans around the world. With its 30 meters…

Built in five years and more than 1 km long: here's the largest pool in the world!

Located about 90 km from Santiago, in Chile, the huge pool of San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo is over a kilometer long, covers an area of more than 8 hectares and contains 250 million liters of…

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