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She saves a bear cub from a troubled zoo and it become his pet - now they are inseparable

We are all used to thinking of a pet like a dog or a cat, at most a bird in a cage or an exotic fish inside a transparent tank full of water. Instead, there are some very remote realities far from the…

She gives birth to twins at the age of 64: some time later she is judged to be "an unsuitable mother" and loses custody of the children

Nowadays, age no longer represents an unsurpassable obstacle to motherhood. Even women of a certain age are now able to conceive thanks to remarkable scientific advances. Mauricia Ibanez is definitely the…

Two hikers find a dog in the forest and then they read the message on its dog collar tag!

When Scott Brown and his wife decided to hike the Mount Teneriffe trail in Washington (USA), they did not know that they would end up hiking in three! It all happened in seconds, but only after they had…
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He receives a text message saying "Your daughter is dating a black guy" and decides to answer in kind

Do you think racism is a distant memory in 2021? Unfortunately, this is not the case and even though slavery in the USA was abolished on December 18, 1865, African Americans, and people of color in general,…

A retirement home opens its doors to children from an orphanage and the social experiment is an undeniable success!

Orphanages and retirement homes for the elderly, at first glance, may seem like two structures that host totally different people. Indeed, children and the elderly with many years of difference do not…

A dad discovers that his daughter bullies a classmate and he takes the victim shopping instead of his daughter

When a parent is told that their child is disrespectful to others and mistreats their peers, many parents defend their child and do not accept being themselves also guilty and responsible, in a certain…

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