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Watch this video and you'll think twice before leaving you children alone in the car

A video by the very strong content that aims to impress those who still have the absurd habit of leaving children in cars. From recent studies it appears that the amount of children who die or have severe…

And you? how would you react to this?

A meteorite is crashing over the city...Help!


Who wouldn't want to jump from a slide like this? Amazing
Curious Jumps Spot Wtf

Evian Spider-Man

After the success of the video "Baby & Me" here is another one. In this funny video the characters are Spiderman and his mini alter ego. That the mineral water in question actually let rejuvenate us -…

One of the best commercials of all time

When you think of the importance for the loved ones, many things come up to our minds and each of us expresses them as best they can. In this commercial a brother tries to surprise her sick sister. Sometimes…

Unbelievable things happen at a bus stop!

On a normal day at the usual bus stop really strange things happen. A promotional video made ​​by Pepsi Max, involves some travellers on the streets of London.

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