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Video Rescues

An unexpected friendship between a lion and a baby gnu

Animals often have surprising behaviors: in this case a young lion, catches a baby wildebeest and protects him from the attack of another lion. Is he just protecting a friend or his meal?

His owner goes under water: the dog's reaction will make you smile !

Despite his owner was not exactly drowning, this dog didn't want to take any chances. After watching him for a few seconds as he plunged into the water, he didn't hesitate to jump into the pond to bring…
Animals Cute Dogs Rescues

Great people saving animals !

This video shows that there are still some great people out there. These brave heroes defy danger to save animals in need. An emotional video which makes us reflect: it's often man himself that endangers…

This dog waited for a year for his dead owner until someone noticed him!

This is the sad story of Woody, thankfully with a happy ending. When his owner died, and his home was sold, the poor dog was left in the street, where he waited a whole year for his family to come back.…
Animals Dogs Moving Rescues

The hero piglet saves the goat

Sometimes it is a fortune to be in the right place at the right time for both the one who recorded this scene and for the poor goat who was about to drown, but is rescued by a piglet. He certainly won…
Animals Goats Pigs Rescues

A dog is dying of cardiac arrest but an angel intervenes at the last second!

I can't imagine how it must feel to see your puppy lying down and not breathing. This boxer has had perhaps a cardiac arrest and struggled for a few seconds between life and death until and amazing guy…

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