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Video Rescues

This little dog reported permanent brain damage due to the owner who had left it in the car in the sun

Not everyone who chooses to have a dog also chooses to take care of it properly. We still cannot explain why some people take the trouble to get a pet, considering their lack of interest in keeping it…

A train driver sees a dog tied to the train tracks and stops the train making a heroic gesture

The desire to have a pet is very strong in some people and especially in children. In fact, this desire manifests itself almost immediately when children see pet animals. However, when we decide to adopt…

His dog barks "too much", so the owner binds its mouth shut with adhesive tape

Animal abuse is still inexplicably frequent these days. Heartless people let their dogs suffer without any shame and without giving them proper care. How this is possible is still a mystery but, fortunately,…

After a kitten almost lost its life due to licking a salt lamp, a vet warns us about the possible risks

We must pay close attention to taking care of our pets because we never know what kind of trouble they can get themselves into! Some dangers are lurking just around the corner, right within the four walls…

A young man takes a walk in the park ... and an insistent kitten forces him to make a difficult decision ...

Cats are very particular animals, capable of great independence but also of clear and obvious demonstrations of affection. When cats bond with a person, they end up building a very deep connection,…

A "special" puppy is thrown and abandoned in a canal, but after a few days a new life will begin

Violent abuse countered by an even greater desire to live. Once again, we have animals, that continue to give us lessons in courage and loyalty. Faced with such intense scenes, we cannot help but wonder…

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