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Video Rescues

Abandoned puppy found in an airport bathroom with a touching letter: "Take care of him"

Being forced to choose between your own safety or that of your pet is a real injustice, which leads us to reflect on the poor living conditions of some people. The story of Chewy, a 3-month-old puppy…

"If he's bothering you, do this and I'll get rid of him": bartender intervenes to help a girl who was being harassed

Although big cities can hide dangers for anyone, it is undeniable that a woman who wants to go out with her friends should be particularly vigilant and careful. Unfortunately, it is not easy for a woman…

Mom in distress asks for help using a food order app: "Please call the police!"

Finding yourself in dangerous situations is undoubtedly very scary. Experiences of this kind put a strain on one and leave their mark over time, but at the moment the danger looms, the only thought is…

A 3-year-old girl gets lost, but her four-legged friend helps her find her way home (+ VIDEO)

We know that animals - and especially dogs - are man's best friends. They stay by our side, keep us company and are affectionate, but they can do even more. In some cases, in fact, these wonderful pets…

A young man tackles a thief who had stolen the handbag from an elderly woman at a supermarket

When you witness a crime, you have a duty to intervene if you have the opportunity to do so. We cannot just stand and stare or turn away every time an injustice occurs in front of us. When Deshawn Pressley…

Dog with an incredible "sixth sense" saves the life of an elderly neighbor

A dog can be a real blessing, both to overcome a difficult moment, and to live with you in your daily life and giving us their unconditional love and just being happy to be with another living being.…

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