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Video Rescues

Two men see a paralyzed fawn in the middle of the road: the video of their moving rescue

When you come across an animal suffering or in need of help, you have a duty to intervene or, at least, to call someone who can help the poor beast. This Youtube video showing a frightened baby deer…

A student saves a fellow student from choking by carrying out the Heimlich maneuver

Accidents can happen at any moment and the pitfalls can be hidden behind the banality of simple daily activities. A high school boy, attending the Jordan School District, Utah (USA), found himself on…

A kitten who won't stop thanking the girl who rescued him from a shelter just before he was put to sleep

Dogs and cats seem to understand languages and situations much better than we imagine at times, and often it seems to be only the lack of language that differentiates them from us. When Adelle, a volunteer…

They visit an abandoned water park and meet 2 strays who lead them to their friend in need

Two young boys went to visit an old abandoned water park in San Diego, California, equipped with a camera and that desire for adventure that in this modern age is harde and harder to satisfy. The two…

A 1-year-old almmost drowns in a pool, but his dog throws himself into the water to save him

A dog is man's best friend and they are also extremely intelligent and affectionate when it comes to showing gratitude towards their owners. And that's exactly what happened to Stanley Drauch, a 14-month-old…

A courier delivers 2 sofas blocking the front door: mother and son are trapped for two days

It might seem absurd, but in Scotland, a single mother, Sarah Miller, was "trapped" in her own home, along with her 7-year-old son, due to two huge sofas being delivered to the front door of her house…

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