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Video About Psychology

7 useful techniques to overcome anxiety and regain control of your life

For many of us, living and learning to live with various forms of anxiety has become a necessity from which we cannot escape. We are put to the test on a daily basis and we cannot do anything but try…

Here are 6 good reasons to cut off all toxic family relationships and live peacefully!

The family is usually our refuge, our safe haven where we hope to always find comfort and understanding. Whether it be our family by blood or family by choice, what we expect is always unconditional love,…

How to deal with loss -- grieving is a necessary process to better understand life

According to the psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler Ross, founder of psychopathology, after the death of a loved one there are five stages: denial, anger, plea bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.…

This psychologist has translated certain behaviors of children into a language understandable to parents

The lack of communication between parents and children is a constant for every new generation. However, there is a specific period of life in which young children do not yet possess the proper tools to…

Women who TALK A LOT live longer and more serenely and this study confirms it!

There could be a connection between talkativeness and longevity. This was discovered by a scientific study carried out by researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of…

5 instinctive perceptions to which you should always listen!

In everyday situations, we act according to patterns dictated by experience and our own temperament. However, there is also a component, that of instinct, to which we should learn to pay attention. But…

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